Best Places to Spend New Years Eve 2016

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New years is here again, and around the world there are many different ways to celebrate in style. Listed below are the cities listed to have the best NYE celebrations.

8. Las Vegas, Nevada
vegasnewyearseve_fireworks With over 300,000 people packing into the streets of “Sin City,” Las Vegas is definitely a place to visit for New Years Eve. The world famous Fremont Street Experience, which always looks like a stellar firework show will be full of lights, food, fun and tribute bands(there are over 30 world-class tribute bands lined up to preform). If you are over 21 and enjoy debauchery, then Vegas is your go to.

7. Bangkok, Thailand

bangkok Bangkok is arguably the best place in East Asia to celebrate the new year. They have several options to view the intense firework shows; which include: a rooftop dinner near the bay, a boat ride across the river during the show, or huddled in the unique marketplace. Also, if you are more interested in fun there are several clubs for dancing and a large mall, which is open all night for shopping needs.

6. Los Angeles, California
los angeles Los Angeles is known for always having some type of event going, and New Years Eve is no exception there are literally hundreds of parties, all over the city – ranging from swanky soirees to free block parties. Be sure to look into these events some range from Mardi Gras on steroids to family friendly dinners.

5. Paris, France
Paris-New-Years-Eve Paris is one of the beautiful, and most cultural cities in the world. It is definitely a place everyone should try to visit at least once in their lifetime – especially around new years. Tradition around Paris on New Years Eve dictates that one should have some wine, indulge in French delicacies, visit a nice night club and then view the fireworks at either the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe.

4. Sydney, Australia
Sydney-Australia-New-Years-Eve Since the new Millennium, Australia has made Sydney harbor a go to spot for new year enjoyment. Every year a theme is picked for the light and firework show. The show is broadcasted worldwide and uses the Sydney opera house, the bridge and ships across the harbor to achieve these effects. Onlookers view from the beaches, bars, clubs and on the water.

3. London, England
london London is one of the most cultured cities on the planet, On New Years Eve there is a dazzling firework show on the River Thames, near the London Eye ferris wheel. This event is viewed by hundreds of thousands of spectators each year, who then proceed to party into the new year at the clubs, pubs and parties, throughout London.

2. New York, New York
timessquare The “Big Apple” itself is probably the most known New Years Eve party. Every Year hundreds of thousands of people literally cram themselves into, the busy, Time Square to listen to musical performances and see celebrities. The New Year is brought in with the famous ball drop ceremony.

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
New-Year-in-South-America-Rio-de-Janeiro Rio de Janeiro is a city that is always known to party, New Years Eve is no exception. The World-famous firework display takes place at midnight, where fireworks are launched from barges just off of Copacabana (and other various beaches) the light up the night. This beautiful firework display is followed by drinking, dancing and partying throughout the night – and into the next day.





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