Body Parts Humans have that are Now Useless

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Human’s have been evolving for millions of years. Modern humans, or Homo Sapiens, have developed over this time to live in the modern world. Evolution isn’t perfect so, of course, some of our traits from the past have remained. These organs are now considered useless, partially due to evolution and partially due to science/technology.

appendix3 The appendix is a small piece of the digestive tract that used to aid with digestion, with ancient humans. Now, due to advances in medicine and the ability to cook, the appendix is not needed. In fact, many people get the organ removed.

Auericular Muscles
Sobo_1909_260_-_Superior_auricular_muscle These are the three muscles that surround the ear. Their original purpose was to allow humans to be able to turn their ears to hear danger or a predator. As we evolved, these muscles remained but, they are virtually useless. Most animals – like dogs, cats and horses – still have these muscles which is how they control and move their ears, independently.

Body Hair
body-91-fro-aft Humans have developed from ancient man – which developed from and resembled primates – which is why we have hair all over us. Hair on our head protects are scalp from the Sun, hair on our eyebrows prevents sweat from getting into our eyes and eyelashes/ear hair/nose hair prevent dust and other things from getting into orifices. Body hair, however, is not needed anymore for warmth – due to the development of clothing.

Nipples (Male)
male-abs When human embryos are being developed they always have nipples. This is because there is no gender determined when embryos are that far into development. Males do have mammary glands, however, they are extremely undeveloped.

Wisdom Teeth
Wisdom-tooth-diagram wisdom-tooth-extraction-1 Wisdom Teeth are an extra molar located in the far back corners of a person mouth. They don’t develop until a persons late-teens to early 20s, and one can develop up to four, or none. The original purpose for these teeth was to help early humans chew on plant and raw meat materials. The reason they come in sideways is believed to be because as humans developed their jaw bones have decreased in size.

gallbladder The gallbladder is a small sack that helps collect and store bile from the liver. The bile is eventually evacuated from the body, so the gallbladder can be removed to skip this step and just let is go through digestion. Gallbladders are generally only removed if they are causing a person pain or creating gall stones.

tonsils 112621668_c43e0d30c1_o A main function of tonsils is to trap germs (bacteria and viruses) which you may breathe in. Proteins called antibodies produced by the immune cells in the tonsils help to kill germs and help to prevent throat and lung infections. Due to the development of vaccines, medicines and human immunity development tonsils are not a necessity and many people have them removed, if they are causing any problems.