Break a 40-Yard Dash Record, Win an Island

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Break the NFL Combine 40-yard dash record time of 4.24 seconds, and win your own private island, courtesy of adidas! It really is that simple!

OK, no it isn’t. There’s plenty of fine print, such as the requirement that you wear adidas shoes during the sprint and agree to endorse Adidas ahead of the 2017 season, but still. An island!

There are other stipulations, actually. For example, you can’t pick the island yourself; adidas will choose the island, which will be valued at $1 million, for you. And if you do break the record, the island “shall be provided by adidas as soon as reasonably practicable.” And adidas will have the right to substitute the island for $1 million. Also, if you do win the island or the money, you’re responsible for any and all taxes that you might incur. Finally, if you don’t honor your endorsement with adidas during the 2017, you have to give back the money or transfer ownership of the island back to adidas (or a third party).

Chris Johnson’s record has been standing since 2008, and adidas runs promotions every year with giveaways for whoever can break it.

But an island!

For an idea of what $1 million can buy you in terms of private islands, lists Pointe Au Baril Island #C400 in Shawanaga Bay in Ontario as up for sale for $1 million. It’s a solid eight acres and it comes with a few little cottages that were evidently built around 1950.

There’s also Hõra Island in the Baltic Sea, a 60-acre wooded piece of land with a well that can be yours for $999,000. Or if you want to stay closer to (what is presumably) home in the U.S., there’s Harbor Island in Vermont. For $999,000, you get 2.5 acres with a house in Lake Champlain.

But, of course, adidas chooses your island for you. So you might not get Harbor Island, or Hõra Island, or Pointe Au Baril Island #C400. You might just get some uninhabitable piece of land in the Artic Ocean. It might be preferable to get the million dollars and simply buy your own island.






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