Car Models that will be Discontinued in 2016

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There have been many concepts, ideas and models of cars released over the years. Some have had multi-decade runs of success, some are pulled after just a few months of poor sales. Every few years, certain vehicles are discontinued – based on sales, audience reaction and even safety concerns.

2014-M-CLASS-SUV-090-CCF-D Mercedes-Benz M-Class
This model is Mercedes midsize SUV category. They will still have a midsize line of SUVs but they will be listed as GLE-Class


Honda Crosstour
This vehicle is a fastback/wagon combination with a sleek look, it just didn’t seem to get the sales it needed.

Black Obsidian-KH3-5,5,5-640-en_US

Infiniti Q40
This vehicle is a compact luxury sedan, however, Infiniti has a larger Q50 model that has more room and power.


Jaguar XK
This car was the larger sleeker model that followed the XKE, however, Jaguar has decided to go in a different direction with their new F-Type line.


Land Rover LR2
This is Land Rover’s attempt at a compact, luxury SUV, however it didn’t seem to sell as well as some of their other models that were slightly larger.


MINI Cooper Coupe and Roadster
These models were MINI Cooper’s attempt at changing up their look, however audiences just didn’t seem to like the looks or the limitation on seating.


Nissan Xterra
This was one of Nissan’s successful vehicles for well over a decade. The SUV has the power and durability of a truck but it seems to have run its course with buyers.


Scion IQ
This was an attempt at a flashy microcar. The concept was there, however, the general public wasn’t interested.


Scion xB
This car has been around for twelve years, this year Scion has decided to release a new four-door hatchback, so this one is now obsolete.


Toyota Venza
Toyota’s big problem is they designed too well, however, the design that sold was the Highlander SUV model, causing this one to be discontinued.