Cool Products Invented by Millennials

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Millinneals (also known as Generation Y), are the group of people born between the early 1980’s and the early 2000s. This group has been pioneering and innovating technology and science. With the internet, people have been able to reach a wider audience than ever before, and many people have taken advantage of this reach to help change the world, for the better. There are millions of problems in this world just looking to get solved – just look around and put your mind to work and you too could solve something that effects many.

Endaga – Portable Cellphone Network

In this day and age, it is hard to imagine a place free of cell phone coverage. However, a lot of the Earth is still isolated and not under the larger cell phone carriers. Kurtis Heimeri decided to make cell phone coverage available anywhere to allow research, communication and emergency contact to always be an option.

Solari – Solar Powered Cooker

Bodin Hon enjoyed outdoor picnics and decided to improve on them. The Solari Hon cooker is pollution-free, portable and usable anywhere there is sunlight. The cooker allows someone to harness the power of sunlight to quickly and simply cook anything you desire.

Ooho – Drinkable Blob

Industrial design students Rodrigo García González, Guillaume Couche, and Pierre Paslier from Spain designed the Ooho, an alternative to the plastic bottle. They used a process called “spherification” to make a thin membrane out of brown algae and calcium chloride to hold water. The result? An edible water blob that costs 2 cents to make.

Solepower – Power from Walking

Matt Stanton enjoyed backpacking and noticed how much energy the body produces in the act of backpacking. He found a way to harness that power through a specialized shoe. This power can then be converted to power small electronics; such as a phone for emergencies, or a camera for memories.

Sweetbites – Cavity Fighting Gum
Sweet Bites

Proper dental healthcare is a global problem, there are not many countries that can afford dentists or even dental hygiene products. Five University of Pennsylvania undergraduates came up with a tasty solution: Sweet Bites. The FDA-approved chewing gum contains xylitol, a natural sugar substitute that can reverse and prevent tooth decay.

Titanarm – Robotic Exoskeleton

Robotic exoskeletons, designed to support injured or paralyzed patients, on average cost more than a car and have to be plugged into a wall. So mechanical engineering students at the University of Pennsylvania came up with a cheaper, stronger, more efficient option: the Titan Arm. Elizabeth Beattie, Nicholas McGill, Nick Parrotta, and Nikolay Vladimirov designed the $2,000 prototype over two semesters in 2012 and have received positive feedback from injured athletes and stroke victims. “We’ve been looking at 3-D printing to fully customize the components, like tailoring a suit,” This will hopefully pioneer medical practice and living conditions in the future.