Creepy True Stories

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These stories seem way to creepy and strange to be real, but these are not made-up, movie fiction – these are all true stories to freak you out.

The Disappearance of Zebb Quinn
Back in 2000, 18 year old Zebb Quinn was hanging out with his buddy Robert Owens. According to Robert, Quinn had received a page and left to make a phone call. After returning from the call, Quinn seemed worried, and jumped into his car then drove off in a hurry, rear ending Robert’s car along the way.
Two weeks later, the car was found near a hospital. Inside was a hotel key, someone’s jacket, empty liquor bottles, and a live puppy. There was also a giant drawing of a pair of lips on the back window made of lipstick. The police traced the page back to his Aunt who lived in Ulrich, who claimed to have been out of the house at the time. Quinn was never seen or heard from again and there has yet to be an explanation for his disappearance.

Robert The Doll
Robert the doll belonged to a boy who received it as a gift in 1906. The boy had claimed that Robert would talk to him. His parents even heard another voice when he would play with Robert, but assumed it was just the kid. When the boy would get into trouble, he constantly placed blame on Robert for it.
Robert was kept by the boy into adulthood, and when he eventually died, Robert was left to his widow.
Several years later, a family found Robert in the attic and gave him to their daughter, who hated the doll, claiming it wanted to kill her. Robert would be found all over the house, and sometimes, he had objects in his hands. One night the parents of the family had awoken to the sound of giggling, only to find the doll placed near their beds with a kitchen knife in his hand. In 1994, the doll was given to a museum.

The Jennings 8
Jennings, a small town in Louisiana that has a population of about 10,000 experienced some scary events from 2005-2009.
For four years, a dead body would be found every few months in the swamp or highway ditch. The body was always a young woman, and they all somehow knew each other. Some were friends, some were co workers, but they all knew each other.
The case is still unsolved, despite efforts to catch the killer.

The Dorothy Forstein Abduction
Dorothy Forstein had three children and a husband who worked for the city of Philadelphia. One night in 1945, Dorothy was beaten up on her way home after a night out. The attack was seemingly random, and nothing was stolen. The attacker was never found.
4 years later, her husband, Jules, came home from work to find his kids trembling in fear, and his wife Dorothy missing. According to one of his daughters, she had woken up to the sight of a man picking her mom up from the floor, and then turning to her saying “Go back to sleep little one, your mother has been sick, but she will be alright now.”
There were no signs of forced entry, and Dorothy has been missing every since.

The Watcher
A family who had moved into a million dollar mansion in New Jersey just last year, found themselves on the wrong end of some sketchy letters.
A man calling himself “The Watcher” continuously sent them disturbing letters that claimed the home “has been the subject of my family for decades,” and “I have been put in charge of watching and waiting for its second coming.”
There were also letters that asked if the kids have “found out what’s in the walls yet?”
He even said “I am pleased to know your names now, and the name of the young blood you have brought to me.”
That was the final straw for this family. They left and also filed a lawsuit against the previous owners because it appears they knew about “The Watcher” before selling the house to them.

Ukraine Spider
In the late 90s, a while after the Chernobyl Disaster, a man was found dead inside of an elevator with two puncture wounds in his neck. Although he died of blood loss and shock, there was no blood found at the scene. Not too long after that, another victim was found the same way- only this time it was a young girl.
Apparently, when the police got involved, they found that a giant spider that lived in the elevator shaft was the cause of these deaths. Although the event was suppressed, a Turkish newspaper reported the story, saying that flamethrowers were brought in to kill the spider.

The Lead Mask
During the summer of 1966, a boy in Brazil found the decomposed bodies of two men. The bodies were dressed in suits, raincoats, and lead masks.
Also found on the scene was a water bottle, two towels, and a notebook. In the notebook, they found instructions that read: ” 16:30 be at agreed place, 18:30 swallow capsules, after effect protect metals wait for mask signal.”
The two men were identified as a pair of electricians from a small town nearby. However, that’s all that was figured out, as their bodies showed no sign of trauma, and an autopsy could not find a cause of death.

The Doodler
Between 1947 and 1975, The Doodler killed 14 men and mutilated their bodies. All of his victims were homosexuals and drag queens that he picked up at the bar. Why was he called The Doodler? He used an odd technique to pick these guys up from the bar: He drew sketches of them as gifts. He would then take them back to his place where he would proceed to stab them to death. He has never been caught.

Facebook Ghost
This creepy story made its rounds on Reddit in 2013. A user named Nathan had received some messages on Facebook from his ex girlfriend who had died two years prior. He initially thought that the messages were just glitches of old messages being resent.
Eventually, the messages began to be really cryptic, and almost incoherent. “FRE EZIN G [sic]….I don’t know what’s happening.”
“ust [sic] let me walk.”
The accident that had killed Emily severed her legs. Nathan also received a photo of himself from behind, taken through a half closed door. He also claims that nobody could have possible been in the house with him at the time.

Edward Mordrake
Edward Mordrake was a man who was born with another face on the back of his head. The face exhibited some intelligence, and would do some f**ked up shit to him- like smirk when he cried, and whisper hateful remarks while he tried to sleep. He even went as far as asking doctors to remove the face even if it meant that he could die during the procedure.
He eventually managed to get his hands on some poison and taking his own life at the age of 23.