Dating Rituals from Around the World

Love makes people do strange things

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Valentines day is coming, the day of celebrating love. Valentines day is a big holiday in the US that generally revolves around cards, candies and hearts, however, there are several rituals from around the world used for courtship and dating.

Japan Chocolate Exchange
whiteday1 In Japan, Valentines day is celebrated a little differently than other countries. The female gives a male that she is interested in or already dating white chocolate and the males job is to accept it. One month later, on a holiday called “white day,” the males job is to reciprocate the female with twice as much chocolate, if he is interested in her. The girls have to wait one full month to figure out if a man is interested in her.

Africa Courtship Huts
e708e3764581e2b8f4adff1e29ba8d59 In some African tribes, such as the Zulu, suitors are not allowed to visit the home or family of the female they are interested in, however, the girls of the house have personal “Courtship Huts” which they are allowed to “entertain” suitors away from their families.

Korea Monthly Valentines Day
14thsmall In Korea, Valentines day isn’t the only one for celebrating love. The 14th of every month has some special, significant romantic meaning that targets people of any relationship status. Some examples of these days are: a day for forgiving, a day for hugs, and a day for being single.

Scottish Black Ritual
7 In Scotland, there is a pre-wedding tradition in which a bride-and-groom-to-be are paraded through town and covered in all kinds of disgusting things. This ritual shows that if the couple can make it through this trial of disgusting and foul stuff, they can make it through their marriage.

China Tears of Joy
ctoj The Tujia people of China have a strange custom in which the bride-to-be begins crying an hour a day or more, everyday – starting a month before the wedding. The other women in the family soon join in until they are all synced on their daily crying ritual.

Welsh Spooning
COLLECTION 4 In welsh tradition, When a man is courting a woman he presents her with a special, hand-carved spoon. This spoon symbolizes that he will always provide and feed her during their lives. If she accepts she will wear it around her neck for days; if she doesn’t she returns it.

Middle East and African Henna Cultures

8e5bdd66776956b52f9145147f6e9a8a In the Swahili culture of the Middle East and Africa, have a tradition where the bride is adorned with intricate henna tattoos that represent beauty, power and womanhood. The hennas also have a sensual quality because they cover the Groom-to-be’s initials hidden somewhere on the brides body.

French Toilet Drink

France French tradition used to dictate that newlyweds eat the leftovers of their wedding, from a toilet bowl. This tradition is strange and disgusting, luckily it somewhat evolved to the couple drinking out of tiny replica toilet-cups.