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Since Jack Kerouac wrote “On the Road” in 1957 and sparked the counterculture movement in the U.S. and captured the essence of road trips, people everywhere have planned and adventured on their own. Summer is coming, and that is the best time of the year for road trips and travel for those who live their lives on the edge. A lot of people have wanderlust and seek just taking off one day and going on an unforgettable road trip or hopping on a flight and travelling the world. You only get one life to enjoy life so definitely make memories while you are still young. Below are listed some websites that will help you with travel ideas, budgeting and guidance on your future adventures!

Internet Adventure Club
photo-original The Internet Adventure Club is a concept developed for those willing to experience life to the fullest. The Goal is for individuals to set goals and ideas on the page and for others to attempt the “mission” for their own adventure and to set their own missions for themselves and others in the process.

Ultimate American Road Trip
best-road-trip-major-landmarks-1024x548 The concept of a road trip is as American as apple pie, and yet, devising the “best” U.S. driving route is a bit of a head scratcher. Much depends on time parameters, personal preference, and frankly, how long you want to spend behind the wheel. Tracy Staedter at Discovery News decided to take on that challenge, enlisting Randy Olson—Michigan State University doctoral student and the man behind the famed (and super helpful) Where’s Waldo algorithm—to devise what you might call the platonic ideal of the United States road trip. The parameters were: It had to hit all of the 48 continental states, every stop had to be a National Natural Landmark, a National Historic Site, a National Park, or a National Monument, and of course, had to be confined to car travel and within U.S. borders.

1. Grand Canyon, AZ
2. Bryce Canyon National Park, UT
3. Craters of the Moon, ID
4. Yellowstone National Park, WY
5. Pikes Peak, CO
6. Carlsbad Caverns National Park, NM
7. The Alamo, TX
8. The Platt Historic District, OK
9. Toltec Mounds, AR
10. Elvis Presley’s Graceland, TN
11. Vicksburg National Military Park, MS
12. French Quarter, LA
13. USS Alabama, AL
14. Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, FL
15. Okefenokee Swamp Park, GA
16. Fort Sumter National Monument, SC
17. Lost World Caverns, WV
18. Wright Brothers National Memorial Visitor Center, NC
19. Mount Vernon, VA
20. White House, Washington, D.C.
21. Colonial Annapolis Historic District, MD
22. New Castle Historic District, DE
23. Cape May Historic District, NJ
24. Liberty Bell, PA
25. Statue of Liberty, NY
26. The Mark Twain House & Museum, CT
27. The Breakers, RI
28. USS Constitution, MA
29. Acadia National Park, ME
30. Mount Washington Hotel, NH
31. Shelburne Farms, VT
32. Fox Theater, MI
33. Spring Grove Cemetery, OH
34. Mammoth Cave National Park, KY
35. West Baden Springs Hotel, IN
36. Abraham Lincoln’s Home, IL
37. Gateway Arch, MO
38. C. W. Parker Carousel Museum, KS
39. Terrace Hill Governor’s Mansion, IA
40. Taliesin, WI
41. Fort Snelling, MN
42. Ashfall Fossil Bed, NE
43. Mount Rushmore, SD
44. Fort Union Trading Post, ND
45. Glacier National Park, MT
46. Hanford Site, WA
47. Columbia River Highway, OR
48. San Francisco Cable Cars, CA
49. San Andreas Fault, CA
50. Hoover Dam, NV

50 States and 50 National Parks

If camping is more your thing, you can follow this Imgur user “JaySomeThingsAreCool” and go on the ultimate camping trip through 50 States and 50 National Parks. Check out the link below to follow his journey and get inspired for your own.

Road Trip: 50 States & 50 National Parks

Ultimate Europe Road Trip

Now Olson has performed the same computations for Europe. Picking the best places to stop is always tricky, but Olson decided to follow the 50 recommendations of this Business Insider article. He then used his algorithm to find the quickest route between the sites.
The resulting route covers 16,287 miles (26,211 kilometers) and ranges from Lapland to Istanbul. Olson says it would take 14 days to drive if you didn’t stop at all, or probably about three months to drive comfortably.


Cheap Travel Alternative that is Relatively Unknown
A little unknown way to travel for free is to go to the local shipping docks and ride the container ships. Generally it only cost $120/day and they will let you know in advanced where they are going that trip. You can hitch a ride and travel the world for cheaper than any other alternative. The only catch is that it is not a luxury cruise so you will have to do your own laundry, but, meals and board are provided. Some people sign up for 60 day journeys and some even go for the around the World tours!