Everyday Things that can Kill you (if Consumed in High Doses)

Some things are great, some are great for you, but remember to always enjoy in moderation...for your own sake.

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In a world with so much unpredictability and danger, it is amazing that there are so many common household products and food that are deadly if consumed in large doses. Below are some of these products and approximately how much to avoid consuming, for your own safety.
water-bottle Water – Yes, Water, one of the very sources of our existence is dangerous in high doses. If you somehow manage to drink about 25 cups (or approx. 1.59 gallons of water) it can lead to headaches, seizures, comas and even death.

gfhfhgfhdfhg Coffee – Coffee is how most of the world wakes up in the morning, however, if you somehow manage to consume 70 cups of it, it can lead to cardiac arrest (if you’re approx. 150 lbs.).

alcohol11 Alcohol – Alcohol is fun but can be dangerous in many ways; such as: drinking and driving anything, alcohol poisoning and impairing judgement. Alcohol, alone, can kill you if you take approximate 13 shots at a time (depending on factors such as, tolerance, size, body fat.) but, still, it is highly recommended to drink responsibly. Your body does try to give you warnings when it feels you have reached your limit (Vomiting is the main one), before other organs start shutting down.

milk-chocolate-bar-40-cekm300x300ekm Chocolate Bars – Chocolate, everyone’s favorite sweet is actually deadly if consumed in large doses. If you can somehow manage to stomach 85 candy bars you will die, because your body cannot handle that much theobromine. Theobromine is the same chemical that kills your dog if they eat too much chocolate, humans tolerance is just much higher. So, moral of the story, enjoy chocolate – but, enjoy it in moderation.
Sweet cherries isolated on white Cherry Pits (Ground Up) – Cherries are fine, even swallowing a cherry pit here and there shouldn’t cause too much alarm, but if you somehow manage to grind up or break into a cherry pit be careful, just two of these can be deadly. These tiny seeds are full of dangerous and deadly cyanide.

med_marijuana_file.widea Marijuana – Despite what several debates have been stating there has never been a reported death linked to overdosing on marijuana (I’m sure there has been incidents under the influence and possibly allergic reactions, but that’s not what this list is about). You would have to somehow, individually smoke 680,000 kg (1,499,143 lbs) or consume 22,000 kg (48,501 lbs) in a 15 minute period to induce a lethal reaction.

Toothpaste cascades from the tube. Toothpaste – I know this is a bit scary, considering most people use toothpaste daily. However, all toothpaste labels warn about if ingested contact physicians for a reason. if you ingest too much toothpaste it can lead to stomach pain and intestinal blockage, add fluoride and it can lead to convulsions, difficulty breathing and seizures and heart attacks. Approximate 13 tubes of toothpaste will kill an average, adult human. Just stick to the recommended amount and wash your toothbrush out thoroughly and you should be fine.

salt-07 Salt – Salt has a lot of uses, especially when it comes to cooking. As a precaution though, do not consume 47 teaspoons of salt or more – I don’t know how or why you would. Too much salt can lead to hypernatremia, which causes the cells to shrink, resulting in: seizures, comas and death.

3815744984_2880f079c6 Bitter Almonds  Bitter almonds contain chemicals that break down into cyanide. By cooking almonds, these chemicals get broken down and neutralized. Luckily most of the almonds sold in the U.S. are the other type of almonds (sweet); which is good, because one handful of bitter almonds could result in death.

elderberries-with-light-background Elderberries – Elderberries cannot be consumed raw, because they contain glycosides which can be metabolized into cyanide. Elderberries are often served in jam, because it requires them to be heated, which breaks down the chemicals. It doesn’t take many to be deadly so always be careful when it comes to elderberries.

butter-beans Lima Beans – Raw lima beans contain a chemical, linamarin, which can chemically break down to chemical hydrogen cyanide. Cooking them for only 10 minutes will prevent them from being deadly. If you do ingest raw lima beans be warned it doesn’t take much to take its toll.

img-Red_kidney_beans_w_copy Kidney Beans – Red kidney beans contain the toxin phytohaemagglutinin and must be boiled for at least 10 minutes before consumption. But make sure the water is at boiling temperature; when cooked at temperatures below boiling, the beans’ toxicity is multiplied. Symptoms include severe nausea and vomiting, which in most cases clear up in a few hours. However, in labs, rats given a diet with only 1 percent raw kidney beans died in just two weeks.

Stevia-chewing-gum-appeals-to-natural-ingredients-trend-says-Cargill Chewing Gum – Chewing a pack of gum a day for eight months can cause severe weight loss and diarrhea, all attributable to excess buildup of a compound called sorbitol. Gum can also be fatal if you somehow manage to consume 404 packs in a single sitting.

blue-cheese-finished Blue Cheese – Blue cheese contains Penicillum Roqueforti which helps give it it’s unique flavor, smell and look. However if you enjoy the taste a lot, approximate 22 lbs at one time of this cheese will have enough of that toxin to kill you.

cinnamon-sticks-and-powder-on-wooden-table Cinnamon – With the “Cinnamon Challenge” trend online many people were attempting to consume one tablespoon of cinnamon without spitting it out. Luckily it is only one and not 40 tablespoons because that can result in fatal benzaldehyde poisoning.

hjjjgjgfh Bananas – It would take an impossible amount of bananas being consumed at once to result in death (480), however, if you could somehow eat this many bananas you would have to worry about overloading your system with potassium. Potassium is good for muscles and nerves, in doses, but, too much could have similar results as potassium chloride – which is used in lethal injections.





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