Extreme Body Modifications

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Body modification (or body alteration) is the deliberate altering of the human anatomy or human physical appearance. It is often done for aesthetics, sexual enhancement, rites of passage, religious beliefs, to display group membership or affiliation, to create body art, for shock value, and as self-expression, among other reasons. In its broadest definition it includes plastic surgery, socially acceptable decoration (e.g., common ear piercing in many societies), and religious rites of passage (e.g., circumcision in a number of cultures), as well as the modern primitive movement.

body-piercingBody piercing – permanent placement of jewelry through an artificial fistula; sometimes further modified by stretching

09ce3e19376d604033a3d3bbb9c82ee8Ear piercing – the most common type of body modification

neck-rings-4Neck ring– multiple neck rings or spiral are worn to stretch the neck (in reality lowering of the shoulders)

3b2ae2628b25f6853b7d8d36e0f9b688Tattooing – injection of a pigment under the skin

Black-TeethTeeth blackening

dudes-with-eyeball-tattoos-tell-us-what-its-like-having-eyeball-tattoos-body-image-1459975331Eyeball tattooing – injection of a pigment into the sclera

dutchExtraocular implant (eyeball jewelry) – the implantation of jewelry in the outer layer of the eye

downloadSurface piercing/Microdermal implants – a piercing where the entrance and exit holes are pierced through the same flat area of skin

head-spikesTransdermal implant – implantation of an object below the dermis, but which exits the skin at one or more points.

implants16Subdermal implant – implantation of an object that resides entirely below the dermis, including horn implants

1-HT_J1Nsc5s-cYrYIp8-kRgBifurcation/Tongue splitting – bisection of the tongue similar to a snake

LeMew_Diamonique_Front_WM__26147.1444416828.1280.1280Corsetry or tightlacing – binding of the waist and shaping of the torso

foot-binding-2-300x202Foot binding – compression of the feet of girls to modify them for aesthetic reasons

968a0353a6e5da2d438389120e0842e9Stretched lip piercings – achieved by inserting ever larger plates, such as those made of clay used by some Amazonian tribes.

3222408_f260Human branding – controlled burning or cauterizing of tissue to encourage intentional scarring

new-ear-pointing-by-brianEar shaping (which includes cropping, ear pointing or “elfing”)

6307d824d1e92b255a72813edfe1ea07Scarification – cutting or removal of dermis with the intent to encourage intentional scarring or keloiding

84531187Human tooth sharpening – generally used to have the appearance of some sort of animal.

Twilight-LYaeba – the deliberate misaligning or capping of teeth to give a crooked appearance. Popular in Japan.

FEDOXG9HN6BVSPN.MEDIUMpiercing stretching – the act of slowly and progressively increasing the size of the piercing jewelry to create a hole.