FEC is Going After Fake Candidate “Deez Nuts”

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“Deez Nuts” just received a form the Federal Election Commission warning him of possible crimes over registering as a mock candidate for the 2016 presidential election.

“It has come to the attention of the Federal Election Commission that you may have failed to include the true, correct, or complete committee name, candidate name, custodian of records information, treasurer information, and bank information,” the commission wrote to Deez Nuts in a letter dated Sept. 27.

This “Deez Nuts” from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, appears to be a different registrant from teenager Brady Olson from Wallingford, Iowa, who became an Internet and media sensation back in 2015 when Olson filed under that moniker in July of that year.

The letter from the FEC went on to say that this other Deez Nuts’ actions could be “punishable” and could lead to law enforcement getting involved.

“Knowingly and willfully making any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation to a federal government agency, including the Federal Election Commission, is punishable,” the letter stated. “Commission may report apparent violations to the appropriate law enforcement.”

The letter came after the FEC said last year that it was cracking down on a number of “candidates” that include serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, “Master Alexander Soy Sauce-and-Taters,” “Butt Stuff” and Deez Nuts.

The FEC asked that Deez Nuts either confirm that he filled out the form correctly — which he didn’t — amend his earlier filing, or request that it be withdrawn, even though he could still face some sort of legal trouble.

A reply was requested by Nov. 1