Highest paid actors in 2016

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Do you smell what The Rock is cooking? It’s money — lots of it.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson knocked out his competition and now holds the title for the world’s highest-paid actor.


Forbes is reporting the 44-year-old wrestler-turned actor earned a $64.5 million payday for 2016, which more than doubled his 2015 earnings in Hollywood.

“The erstwhile wrestler’s millions and millions came from upfront fees for movies including ‘Central Intelligence’ and “Fast & Furious 8,’ as well as the forthcoming ‘Baywatch’ in which he’s set to play Mitch Buchannon,” says the financial news publication.

“I can kick ass better than anyone on the planet,” Johnson once told Forbes in 2012. “And I have a decent smile.”

Johnson’s financial earnings also displays a major gap between female and male actors within Hollywood. He made nearly $20 million more than highest-paid actress Jennifer Lawrence, who earned $46 million.

See who else is having an amazing payday below:

Jackie Chan (Hong Kong) – $61 million

Matt Damon (U.S.A.) – $55 million

Tom Cruise (U.S.A.) – $53 million

Johnny Depp (U.S.A.) – $48 million

Jennifer Lawrence (U.S.A.) – $46 million

Ben Affleck (U.S.A.) – $43 million

Sofia Vergara (Colombia) – $43 million

Jennifer Lopez (U.S.A.) – $39.5 million

Vin Diesel (U.S.A.) – $35 million

Robert Downey Jr. (U.S.A.) – $33 million

Shah Rukh Khan (India) – $33 million

Melissa McCarthy (U.S.A.) – $33 million

Akshay Kumar (India) – $31.5 million

Brad Pitt (U.S.A.) – 31.5 million

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