Hovering Vehicles are here

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For decades people have been theorizing about flying or hovering cars and vehicles; and although it is not the majority of vehicles on the road, yet, they are starting to appear. Technology and science has definitely brought us into science-fiction-like realms, in recent years, but floating vehicles are like a dream come true.

123 Jetpacks have been a science-fiction dream for almost a century. Jetpack Aviation, a company that has spent the last 40 years pioneering this James Bond escape vehicle have recently created a prototype that is usable, lightweight and powerful. They have tested it’s capabilities at over 100 MPH and reaching altitudes of over 10,000 feet.

Floating Skateboards
arcaboard-9 Floating skateboards are here! although a lot bulkier than the “Back to the Future” version, they are available for purchase. The company that created the floating skateboards are ArcaBoard and they have innovated the sci-fi idea and made it a reality and after a few more prototypes maybe they will replicate the “Back to the Future” hoverboard, too.http://www.arcaspace.com/index.htm

Flying Motorcycle
article-0-14A3A3EE000005DC-320_634x434hover_bike_gearpatrol Seemingly out of the world of “Star Wars” There are two companies that are pioneering the way for Hovercycles. The first being Malloy Aeronautics, based out of the UK (bottom picture). The other company creating their version of this concept is Aerofex, a company based out of the U.S. (Top picture). Aerofex has a bulkier design that looks as if it pumps out a lot of power, while MA has a sleeker, sport look. These bikes are not yet available to the public, but are still looking for crowdfunding and investor support – if interested check out the links below.

Flying Cars
130509142450-flying-car-tfx-terrafugia-story-top c1 transition-640x353 These flying cars are not like the ones in Science Fiction movies they do take time to convert from car to plane mode and they also have to use a runway to take off – instead of an instantaneous, vertical take-off. There are several companies using this concept of car-to-plane conversion, as well as, some other designs. These are available for purchase, however, there are some legal issues regarding operating licensing and legality of where to operate vehicles.