How Dog Breeds have Changed Over the Last Century

Portrait of siberian husky on snow
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Everyone has either seen, pet or owned a dog in their lifetime. There are even dog shows on T.V. for “Pure Bred Dogs”; which is funny because they all eventually descended from ancient wolves, but that’s a different story. Selective breeding is how many pure bred dogs are achieved, however, by doing this people not only changed the breeds looks but led to some health problems. Listed below, there are several dog breeds with their changes over the last 100 years.

Bull Terrier
01 – Skull deformities
– Teeth deformities
– Thicker abdomen
– Excessive tail chasing

Basset Hound
02 – Shorter Stature
– Rear leg problems
– Excessive skin
– Vertebra Problems
– Droopy eyes
– Excessively long ears

03 – Shorter, upturned muzzle
– Difficulty regulating body temperature
– Higher cancer rate

English Bulldog
04 – Massive Proportions
– Difficulty breeding
– Susceptible to almost every possible disease
– Generally don’t live longer than 7 years

10 – Longer body
– Shorter legs
– Vertebra problems
– Longer neck

German Shepherd
05 – Larger stature
– Drooping Back
– Sloping back legs
– Higher risk of hip dysplasia
– Barrel-Chest

06 – Higher blood pressure
– Heart Problems
– Low Oxygenation
– Difficulty breathing
– Heavier stature
– Dermatitis
– Tendency to overheat
– Curlier tail which has been proven to link to paralysis

St. Bernard
07 – Larger Stature
– Shorter snout
– More health risks
– Tendency to overheat
– Abundant skin