How Many Sunny Days are there Around the World?

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Summer is almost here and many people plan on spending it outside. Well, not everywhere on the planet gets equal amount of sunny days, so if you are planning on staying out all day and getting tan – pay attention to the list below. These days are approximated based on average because weather is tricky and never stable.
acapulco Acapulco, Mexico – approx. 338 days/year

foggia-italy Foggia, Italy – approx. 330 days/year

The Pinnacle List Tel-Aviv, Israel – approx. 330 days/year

Sofitel-Legend-Old-Cataract-Aswan-Overview1 Aswan, Egypt – approx. 322 days/year

Las_Vegas_89 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – approx. 320 days/year

Valencia_spain-1 Valencia, Spain – approx. 300 days/year

canary_islands_spain Canary Islands, Spain – approx. 294 days/year

anosy Antananarivo, Madagascar – approx. 291 days/year

Agadez+Niger+City+View+11 Agadez, Niger – approx. 290 days/year

almaty-kazakhstan-mountain-range.jpg.rend.tccom.616.462 Almaty, Kazakhstan – approx. 282 days/year

400px-Center_of_Vladivostok_and_Zolotoy_Rog Vladivostok, Russia – approx. 269 days/year

marseille Marseille, France – approx. 230 days/year

china-world-trade-center-beijing Beijing, China – approx. 228 days/year

adelaide-coastline Adelaide, Australia – approx. 224 days/year

Tokyo_odaiba Tokyo, Japan – approx. 197 days/year

5429c32b425f183f61bf7316_new-york-city-skyline New York City, New York, USA – approx. 184 days/year

London-1_tcm233-2111842 London, UK – approx. 142 days/year

Curitiba_Centro Curitiba, Brazil – approx. 116 days/year

maxresdefault Moscow, Russia – approx. 114 days/year

mg_9497 Murmansk, Russia – approx. 76 days/year

luftbild-900x300 Cologne, Germany – approx. 65 days/year

birmingham Birmingham, UK – approx. 62 days/year

Torshavn-City-on-Faroe-Island-wide-i Torshavn, Denmark – approx. 37 days/year