Human’s with crazy abilities

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Humans, like most life on Earth, are constantly evolving. We are growing and developing skills at different rates; sometimes, there are exceptional humans who develop a different skill or ability much faster than the average human and this skill is seen as a superpower. Like Stan lee’s comics, “X-Men,” there are people walking among us with unique abilities that are unfathomable to most. A few of these gifted people are listed below.

Scott Flansburg – “The Human Calculator”
Bk0AsLtIEAAEvLG Scott Flansburg is an American man often called a mental calculator. Dubbed “The Human Calculator” by Regis Philbin, in 2001 he was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for speed of mental calculation. He is the annual host and ambassador for World Maths Day, and is a math educator and media personality. Flansburg has published the books Math Magic and Math Magic for Your Kids.

Dean Karnazes – “The Running man”
dk_about_bio-run1 Dean Karnazes, is an American ultramarathon runner, and author of Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All Night Runner, which details ultra endurance running for the general public.

In 2006, Karnazes embarked on the well-publicized Endurance 50: 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 consecutive days. Beginning with the Lewis and Clark Marathon in St. Louis on September 17, 2006, it finished with the New York City Marathon on November 5. Eight of the 50 races were conventional marathon races. Since marathon races are typically held only on weekends, on the other days Karnazes (accompanied by between one and 50 runners) ran the course of a marathon in each state using the help of the race director and staff of each event to officially run the certified course, but on a different day than the “live” event. (For example, as part of the 50/50/50, Karnazes ran the official course of the Boston Marathon, but not the race itself, which is held in mid-April.)

Karnazes overcame the endurance and logistical difficulties of this goal and finished the final marathon, the NYC Marathon, on the official race day in 3 hours and 30 seconds. He weighed 154 lbs at the start and 153 lbs at the end. After finishing the 50/50/50, Karnazes decided to run home to San Francisco from New York City. He was expected to finish the trip in January 2007. However Karnazes chose to end this trek December 15, 2006, in St. Charles, Missouri, to spend more time with his family.

Jerry Miculek – “Gunslinger”
IS-34-Jerry Jerry Charles Miculek, Jr. dubbed “The Greatest Shooter of all Time”, is an American professional speed and competition shooter known for his 20 world records, appearances on TV; and for starring on his family owned YouTube channel, Miculekdotcom. He is renowned as the fastest and best all around shooter in the world, emptying a five-shot revolver in 0.57 seconds in a group the size of a playing card. Miculek currently holds five officially sanctioned world records in revolver shooting and over 15 unsanctioned records with firearms ranging from rapid firing pistols to the Barrett M107 .50 BMG rifle. Some of his more recent accomplishments include 6 shots in .98 seconds with a Barrett M107 50 BMG rifle and a 1000-yard shot off hand with his signature 9mm Smith & Wesson revolver. In addition, Miculek is an experienced gunsmith who tunes and adjusts his own firearms for optimum function.

Jyothi Raj – “The Monkey King”
strain-face_1448683i Jyothi Raj is an Indian rock climber and wall climber from Chitradurga, Karnataka, India. Known as “Kothi Raju” or “Monkey King”, Raj is famous for scaling the Chitradurga Fort without safety harnesses. He is also the only person to have scaled Karnataka’s highest waterfall, the 830-foot Jog falls, climbing in the opposite direction to that of the flow. On 13 September 2013, he scaled the clock tower at Moorusavir Math in Hubli in just over 15 minutes. He doesn’t use any harness but used to rub magnesium carbonate powder on his palms for grip.

Tess Christian – “The Emotionless Woman”
006 Tess isn’t devoid of humour, but for nearly 40 years she has made a conscious decision not to laugh or smile — even at the birth of her daughter. This is because Tess says that maintaining a perennial poker face is a crucial way to keeping her — admittedly, impressive — youthful looks.

Veronica Seider – “Hawk eyes”
BkByUFSIUAAn6Ka Veronica Seider has eyesight that redefines what the human eye is capable of. While some of us squint to read something across the room, she can literally see for miles. Veronica Seider is a super human with extraordinary abilities. She was born in West-Germany in 1951. She went to school just like any other German child and was later enrolled at Stuttgart University in West Germany. While still a student, her abilities came to the attention of the general public when her university found out, in 1972, that she had unusual optical abilities. They claimed that Veronica Seider could see detail as far away as a mile (1.6km) and more! Her super human eyesight sounds like something from the plot of a movie. Her eye-sight ability is outstanding and compared with the fact that a normal human can barely see detail from 20 feet away, Veronica can reportedly do the same thing over a mile. The normal human eye has a visual acuity of 20/20 while Veronica Seider has an acuity of around 20/2. She is able to distinguish people from that far away (1 mile) and can also gauge their relative distance from her position. From some simple mathematics, 1 mile (1.6km) is made of 5280 feet which is really a high level of eyesight detail. Aside from that, Veronica could also be comparable to a telescope because she claims to see the constituent colors that make up color in color television sets. From biology, we know that color is made of 3 primary colors namely red, green and blue. We also know that a normal human being is able to see color as a product made by the primary colors being mixed in various proportions,naturally or artificially. Those unfortunate people that are color blind; do not perceive color at all. Now, for Veronica Seider, the colors are viewed by their components, red, green or blue.