Insane Killers who are No Longer Behind Bars

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With the insane popularity of the Netflix series “Making a Murderer,” which follows the story of Steven Avery who served 18 years in prison for a sexual assault and attempted murder charge. It was later determined that he most likely did not commit this crime and was exonerated in 2003, however, shortly after his release he was again believed to have been connected to another murder.

Serial killers are a strange and fascinating group of people that seem to have blown up in pop culture. From documentaries, to songs, to movies based around these frightening individuals – it all seems like just something to look up, out of curiosity, however, some of these individuals now walk free, which takes away the feeling of viewing from afar. Although there are several unidentified serial killers around the world, these individuals listed below have been confirmed of their crimes.

Issei Sagawa “The Kobe Cannibal”
issei-cannibal issei-sagawa-1413460556802 Sagawa is a Japanese man known for the 1981 murder of a Dutch woman named Renee Hartevelt, in Paris. The reason that this murder was so strange was that he cannibalized his victim.

Sagawa from an early age said that he had murdurous and cannibalistic tendencies, as well as, partook in bestiality from an early age. After the murder was committed, He raped her corpse but was unable to bite into her skin, so he left the apartment and purchased a butcher knife. For two days, Sagawa ate various parts of her body, saving other parts in his refrigerator. Sagawa was eventually caught in the act of dumping the body but his wealthy parents provided a lawyer to defend him. He was declared legally insane and unfit to stand trial resulting in him being committed to a mental institution. He eventually checked himself out and remained free.

Sagawa has become a minor celebrity in Japan for his sickening crime; resulting in him publishing several books describing it in detail, appearing in television and movies and even conducting interviews describing how human flesh tastes.

Pedro Lopez “The Monster of the Andes”

Lopez is a Columbian serial rapist and killer known for his known crimes he committed in Columbia, Peru and Ecuador. Lopez is believed to have raped and murdered over 300 girls throughout South America over the course of 12 years. Lopez boasted about killing “3 girls a week,” and was arrested several times for his crimes, however, he was soon committed to a mental institution for several years – he was later released after being declared legally sane.

In 2002, Interpol was seeking him out related to more recent murders committed in Columbia.

Nikita Fouganthine “The Finland Slayer”

Nikita is a Finnish Murderer, known for the murder of the Nilsson family (a mother, father and son), over a bicycle. This murder was his 12th criminal conviction, and he was only 22-years-old. Nikita gained notoriety for his multiple arrests and escapes from high security prison. He is currently free.

Nikolai Dzhumagaliev “Metal Fang”

Dzhumagaliev is a Kazakh serial killer known for killing seven women, but is believed to have killed many more. He earned his name from his white metal teeth that he wore while he cannibalized his victims. After several murders, in which he mutilated, cannibalized, drank the blood from and even practiced necrophilia, Metal Fang was diagnosed with severe schizophrenia. Metal Fang was institutionalized for over a decade, and has since been released – after being declared “cured” from his cannibalistic, necrophilia and murderous tendencies.