Largest Corporations in the US by State

Everyone wants to succeed at business, these corporations have done that and then some.

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Steve Lovelace created a U.S. map with a list of the largest corporations in each state. Below shows what they look like and which states they are from. Most of these companies are household names, some are better known locally, however, one thing for sure is that they are extremely successful.


Alabama: Saks

Alaska: Carrs

Arizona: Best Western

Arkansas: Walmart

California: Apple

Colorado: Coors

Connecticut: GE (General Electric)

Delaware: DuPont

District of Columbia: C-Span

Florida: Hooters

Georgia: Coca-Cola

Hawaii: Hawaiian Airlines

Idaho: Albertsons

Illinois: CAT

Indiana: Cummins

Iowa: Maytag

Kansas: Garmin

Kentucky: Lexmark

Louisiana: Tabasco

Maine: L.L.Bean

Maryland: GEICO

Massachusetts: Gillette

Michigan: GM (General Motors)

Minnesota: Pillsbury

Mississippi: Peavey

Missouri: Anheuser-Busch

Montana: Great Harvest Bread Company

Nebraska: Cabela’s


New Hampshire: Timberland

New Jersey: Campbell’s

New Mexico: Allsup’s

New York: Verizon Wireless

North Carolina: Bank of America

North Dakota: Bobcat

Ohio: Wendy’s

Oklahoma: Sonic

Oregon: Nike

Pennsylvania: Hershey’s

Rhode Island: Hasbro

South Carolina: Denny’s

South Dakota: Super 8

Tennessee: FedEx

Texas: Dr. Pepper

Utah: Sinclair

Vermont: Ben&Jerry’s

Virginia: AOL

Washington: Starbucks

West Virginia: Gino’s

Wisconsin: Harley-Davidson

Wyoming: Taco John’s







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