Largest Fish Ever Caught (With Pictures)

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Every fisherman has a “fish story” about the largest fish they ever caught or the fish that got away. Some of these may be true, some are probably a little exaggerated. Below are the lucky people who managed to bring their fish in and take a picture. The list has the largest fish ever caught (different types of fish).

shark_lemon_12880019_0 (1)Fish: Lemon Shark
Weight: 405 lbs.
Area: North Carolina
Caught by: Colleen Harlow

CZqZrnMWcAYAKOPFish: Silvertip Shark
Weight: 410 lbs.
Area: Tanzania
Caught by: Andrea Pellegrini

"<br Fish: Atlantic Halibut
Weight: 418 lbs.
Area: Norway
Caught by: Thomas Nielsen

tuna_yellowfinFish: Yellowfin Tuna
Weight: 427 lbs.
Area: Cabo San Lucas
Caught by: Guy Yocum

biggest-grouper-warsawFish: Warsaw Grouper
Weight: 436 lbs.
Area: Florida Gulf Coast

stingray_common_99100078Fish: Common Stingray
Weight: 444 lbs.
Area: Azores
Caught by: Bob de Boeck

halibut_pacific_noneFish: Pacific Halibut
Weight: 459 lbs.
Area: Dutch Harbor, Alaska
Caught by: Jack Tragis

shark_salmon_32623Fish: Salmon Shark
Weight: 461 lbs.
Area: Valdez Alaska
Caught by: Thomas Farmer

100-1210biggest_at-striped-marlinFish: Striped Marlin
Weight: 494 lbs.
Area: Tutukaka, New Zealand
Caught by: Bill Boniface

shark_portbeagle_at_507_lb_0_ozFish: Porbeagle Shark
Weight: 528 lbs.
Area: Pentland Firth, Scotland
Caught by: Christopher Bennett

shark_blue_01100045Fish: Blue Shark
Weight: 528 lbs.
Area: Montauk Point, New York
Caught by: Joe Seidel

shark_sandbar_02070030Fish: Sandbar Shark
Weight: 529 lbs.
Area: Archipelago des Bijagos
Caught by: Patrick Sebile

shark_narrowtooth_02930006Fish: Narrowtooth Shark
Weight: 533 lbs.
Area: Cape Karikari, New Zealand
Caught by: Gaye Harrison-Armstrong

goliath grouper groupers florida us usa world record biggest fish in the world ever caught big huge fishes records largest monster fishing giant size images pictures oceanFish: Goliath Grouper
Weight: 680 lbs.
Area: Fernandina Beach, Florida
Caught by: Lynn Joyner

shark_silky_06940011Fish: Bull Shark
Weight: 697 lbs.
Area: Port Stephens, Australia
Caught by: Bryce Henderson

shark_dusky_at105Fish: Dusky Shark
Weight: 764 lbs.
Area: Longboat Key, Florida
Caught by: Warren Girle

shark_thresher_atFish: Thresher Shark
Weight: 767 lbs.
Area: Bay Islands of New Zealand
Caught by: D.L. Hannah

shark_bigeye_thresher_1093aFish: Bigeye Thresher Shark
Weight: 802 lbs.
Area: Tutukaka, New Zealand
Caught by: Dianne North

bluefin 411kg King Bank, Donna Pascoe Gladiator new zealand world record huge tuna tunas giant monster biggest ever caught america atlantic pacific PascoeFish: Pacific Bluefin Tuna
Weight: 907 lbs.
Area: Three Kings, New Zealand
Caught by: Donna Pascoe

21aabee20905c3b4e27b0bbf6053921aFish: Swordfish
Weight: 1,182 lbs.
Area: Iquique, Chile
Caught by: Luis Marron

shark, mako (shortfin)Fish: Mako Shark
Weight: 1,221 lbs.
Area: Chatham, Massachusetts
Caught by: Luke Sweeney

shark, great hammerheadFish: Great Hammerhead Shark
Weight: 1,280 lbs.
Area: Boca Grande, Florida
Caught by: Bucky Dennis

shark, sixgilledFish: Sixgill Shark
Weight: 1,298 lbs.
Area: Ascension Island
Caught by: Clemens Rump

100-1210biggest_at-pac-blue-marlinFish: Pacific Blue Marlin
Weight: 1,376 lbs.
Area: Kaaiwi Point, Kona, Hawaii
Caught by: Jay de Beaubien

f4cdcf9f0020ef8455b9edd474859583Fish: Atlantic Blue Marlin
Weight: 1,402 lbs.
Area: Vitoria, Brazil
Caught by: Paulo Amorium

Bluefin_Tuna_World_Record_1,496_lbsFish: Bluefin Tuna
Weight: 1,496 lbs.
Area: Nova Scotia, Canada
Caught by: Ken Fraser

1bfb5cd8f8861ea5966445c36c1b7dc9Fish: Black Marlin
Weight: 1,560 lbs.
Area: Cabo Blanco, Peru
Caught by: Alfred Glassell Jr.

SHARK GREENLAND (Somniosus microcephalus) sharks norway world record biggest fish in the world ever caught big huge fishes records largest monster fishing giant size images pictures river ocean seaFish: Greenland Shark
Weight: 1,708 lbs.
Area: Trondheimsfjord, Norway
Caught by: Terje Nordvedt

3547614f06191c4d547abe649bd0b570Fish: Tiger Shark
Weight: 1,785 lbs.
Area: Ulladulla, Australia
Caught by: Kevin James Clapson

shark, whiteFish: White Shark
Weight: 2,664 lbs.
Area: Ceduna, Australia
Caught by: Alfred Dean