Larry the Cable Guy Doesn’t Have an Accent?

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We’ve all speculated that Larry the Cable Guy was exaggerating his Southern drawl for laughs. Now, we’ve got proof.

The Blue Collar comedian confessed in an interview with web-show host Graham Bensinger that it’s all part of his “git-r-done” shtick.

“I’m like a linguists chameleon,” he said in the interview, which was released in February but is just picking up steam online.

His regular speaking voice still sounds a little bit country so don’t feel entirely duped. Larry explains the drawl from his Southern upbringing just comes out at certain times, like on stage…

“I’m a cow kid, I’m a livestock kid, a horse guy… I hang out with people that talk like that,” he explained. “I can turn it on and turn it off anytime I want. It’s not a big deal to me.”

What’s next? Is he not even a real cable guy!?