Longest Prison Terms Handed out by the US


Some criminals never learn and get caught over and over again for their crimes, others change their lives after one small offense; however, some criminals commit crimes so horrific, so brutal that they are sentenced to centuries or even millenniums behind bars to prevent them from ever being able to repeat these crimes.

Dudley Wayne Kyzer

1 murdered his estranged wife and an unlucky person in 1976.
sentenced to two life terms plus 100 centuries = 10,000 years

James Holmes
2 orchestrated the infamous Aurora theater shooting in 2012, killing 12 and injuring 70.
Sentenced to 12 life sentences + 3,318 years

Ariel Castro
a93d01f17ece3f7b25d5241c99cb05a6 kept three girls locked in his basement for over a decade
sentenced to 1,000 years, committed suicide after one month

Darrell Wayne Delp
4 He had victimized young women and was convicted of over 60 child sex offence charges.
sentenced to 775 years

Bobby Joe Long
5 raped over 50 women in the 1980s and murdered ten of them.
sentenced to 825 years.

Sholam Weiss
sholam_weiss committed largest case of fraud of all time. He stole $450 Million from National Heritage Life Insurance Company.
Sentenced to 845 years.

David Hall
emgn-7 55 counts of child pornography related crimes.
sentenced to 825 years.

Allan Wayne McLaurin
dad-photobombs-emgn-14 McLaurin commited several counts of rape, forced sodomy, kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, robbery, larceny and more.
All of these crimes added up to 21,250 years.

Charles Scott Robinson
dad-photobombs-emgn-15 Robinson was convicted in 1994 for raping six children
He was sentenced to 5,000 years per child = 30,000 years.

Juan Corona
132925 Corona murdered 25 migrant Mexican workers in one year (1970-1971)
Corona received 25 life sentences.

Chester Stiles
7 Stiles made of video of himself raping and sexually abusing a minor
Stile received 21 life sentences, with the possibility of parole after 140 years

Darren Bennalford Anderson
6 Anderson had several crimes, including: rape, robbery, kidnapping and larceny – and was convicted in 1994.
Anderson received a sentence of 11,250 years.