Modern Unexplained Mysteries


Humans have discovered ways to explain most phenomena around us, however, we are a growing and learning species and there are several things we still do not know and will not understand for a long time. below are a few interesting and strange occurrences.



Koko, the gorilla that was taught sign language, was asked where gorillas go after they die. She responded – which is amazing that she understood the questions – by signing, “Comfortable hole, bye.”


If you collapse an underwater bubble with a soundwave, it produces light and it hasn’t yet been explained why.


Nobody knows who named Earth


A skeleton, only 6-8 inches long was discovered outside a Chilean ghost town. it has been determined to be human through testing, and also that it was at least eight years old. No reason for it’s size or origin has been determined.


An arcade game called Polybius appeared in a Portland arcade, in 1981. Everyone who played it reported mysterious frequent headaches, nightmares, amnesia, depression and suicidal thoughts for weeks after playing it. The game abruptly vanished and has not been reported since.


In April of 2010, radio astronomer at the Jodrell Bank Observatory spotted an unknown object sending out strange radio emissions. The object was reported to be moving four times the speed of light and was never identified.


There is a dimension believed to be on earth of lifeforms invisible to us, known as the shadow biosphere.


There is a mysterious extraterrestrial object orbiting Earth, and has been for thousands of years, however, it is unknown exactly what it is or where it came from. It is known as the “Black Knight Satellite.”





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