Most Dangerous Countries in the World 2017

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Travel is one the most important parts of our lives and we always prep up before we head on to a destination so that we have the memorable and enjoyable trip. And one such vital prep is to make sure safety. To help us in the same, International SOS and Control Risks have released a map that ideally showcases tourists friendly nations. The travel risk map showcases all the nations that are risky in terms of safety, security and medical matters. So one can follow the same to plan holidays for 2018 ideally. WHO and other institutions had forwarded the data to create the TRAVEL RISK MAP.  Check out which nations could be the ideal places for your next excursion.

As per the report, there are nations namely Finland, Norway and Iceland who have the lowest rankings in all the three categories making them best countries to visit. And the countries who are in the low category for health risks include Canada, USA, most of the European nations, New Zealand, Japan and Australia. As per the map Africa, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Guyana pose the highest risk for travellers in terms of health. Brazil, China and Russia are under‘rapidly developing variable risk’ when it comes to health parameter.

Talking about the security risks, Greenland, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Switzerland are ideal destinations and Canada, the U.S, Spain, the UK, France, Germany, Japan, New Zealand and Australia also feature in the low category as there are hardly any security issues. But on the other hand, countries like Syria, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Somalia Yemen, Mali and Libya are ranked as ‘extreme’. When it comes to road safety, Africa, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Bolivia, and Kazakhstan have a bad reputation.

A global survey by Ipsos Mori Business Resilience Trends Watch 2018 has revealed that 63 percent of people think travel risks have bolstered in the past year and thus leading to travel plan changes. Many business travellers also change their plans as security threats loom in some places. Almost half of the tourists make changes to their plans because of natural disasters, including extreme weather events. What are your thoughts on these surveys? Is this helpful? Let us know in the comments below.