Most Isolated Communities on Earth

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Humanity has proven it’s ability to live in almost every environment on the planet from the hottest deserts to the coldest peaks, from the most populated cities on Earth to some of the places listed below: the most isolated communities.

Easter Island
Easter_islandeaster-island-shutterstock-2.jpg.694x390_default remote island approximately 2,000 miles from anyone
approximately 4,000 people living there

La Rinconada, Peru
Rinconadapuno Inaccessible mountain community, “highest city on the planet”
approximately 30,000 people living there

McMurdo Station, Antarctica
McMurdo_Station Not inhabitable full time, remote, frozen area
approximately 1,200 people living there (scientists doing research)

Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland
Ittoqqortoormiit Frozen, isolated community on a remote island
approximately 500 people living there

Alert, Nunavut, Canada
8064332iquat620 Frozen, isolated community
approximately 5 permanent year-round residents

Tristan da Cunha

Most Isolated and distant island on the planet (more than 2,000 miles from nearest shoreline)
approximately 271 residents