People Working to Keep our Oceans Clean

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Humans have a huge impact on the environment that is becoming more and more obvious. Plastic is one of our major contributions to environmental impact, it is non-biodegradable and abundant. In our oceans there are five giant garbage patches, known as Gyres – the North Pacific Gyre being the largest. These Gyres are large clumps of garbage, plastic particles and chemical sludge; some are estimated to measure around 270,000 sq. miles across. Several concerned individuals have been working to try and save our oceans and clean up these environmental disasters.


The Ocean Cleanup Project
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The Ocean Cleanup Project was an idea conceived by nineteen-year-old dutch inventor, Boyan Slat. The idea won several awards and earned $2.2 Million in crowdfunding support. The project involved an aerial survey tower and several long plastic barriers to capture the debris and trash. The Trash is then funneled into a floating, solar powered, vessel that stores the waste in a compartment. The project intends to have several of these vessel and is planned to begin in the year 2020.

The Seabin Project
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The Seabin Project was invented by two Australian surfers, Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski, who noticed an increase in trash and oil in the local harbor when they were trying to surf. The Seabin project involves a floating trashcan-like device that sucks in debris, trash and oil – while filtering out water. The trash can device is then hooked to a floating dock to help filter out the smaller particles. This device is intended for trash and debris that is floating closer to shore and to help prevent it from impacting the local, beach wildlife. The project has reached its goal throuh crowdfunding sources and is hoping to begin as soon as 2017.