Probably the Strangest Book Series ever.

I know a lot of people like the Jurassic World movie... But, this is WAY too far.

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People found it strange when Twilight released a series with a girl falling in love with a vampire and a warewolf. But, that teen romance novel does not prepare anyone for the erotica trend that has been growing. Dinosaur erotica – yes it is exactly what you think, maybe – Women having relationships with giant lizards that have been extinct for millions of years. There are so many concepts about these books I do not understand: First, Anatomically, upon a shameful google search a Tyrannosaurus Rex has a 12 foot penis… so there’s that. I also found myself distracted by the timeline, I mean maybe it is something similar to Jurassic Park, where they are created years later but, I may be concerned about the wrong parts of the story. The last thing I was questioning is the mutual attraction; Why is a 30 ton killing machine interested in a busty, blonde, ape-creature – and vice versa?

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Well, maybe I just don’t get it, or maybe it is some joke i am not in on, but Dinosaur Erotica has become a thing, and although still niche, there are actually several authors, with many different stories published (shown). I see the curiosity perspective, and, as a guy, I see nothing wrong with a half naked woman being seductive on the cover of every novel; also, as a huge dinosaur fan (although not as huge as others apparently) I enjoy the dinosaurs too – then there is the story. Me personally, I will just stick to admiring dinosaurs from a scientific perspective – and I’ll keep my pants on. So for shock value or interest, check out some of the Novels below.






There are several more, look for them and enjoy – if you want.