Results from the 2018 Kid’s Choice Awards

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The 31st Annual Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards was held on Saturday, March 24, 2018, at The Forum in Inglewood, California live on Nickelodeon and either live or on tape delay across all of Nickelodeon’s international networks. This was the third time the award ceremony was held at The Forum as the 2015 and 2016 Kids’ Choice Awards were also previously held there. John Cena returned as host of the ceremony for the second consecutive year. The show also gave an honor to the people protesting in the March For Our Lives movement that occurred on the same day, including other honors coming from award winners such as Millie Bobby Brown, Camila Cabello, Liza Koshy, and Zendaya.

Winners and nominees

Nominations were announced on February 26, 2018. Unlike past years where the voting periods for all categories opened all at once, one genre opened up to voting per week, along with several show-only category voting windows.[5] Winners are listed first, in bold.[7]

Voting windows

For the movie categories, voting was opened on February 26, with voting on music categories opened on March 5, television voting beginning on March 12, and a variety of miscellaneous categories on March 19. Other categories will be announced and opened to rapid voting during the ceremony.


Favorite Movie Favorite Movie Actor
Favorite Movie Actress Favorite Animated Movie


Favorite Music Group Favorite Male Artist
Favorite Female Artist Favorite Song
Favorite Breakout Artist Favorite Global Music Star
Favorite Dance Trend


Favorite TV Show Favorite TV Actor
Favorite TV Actress Favorite Cartoon


Favorite Funny YouTube Creator Favorite Musical YouTube Creator
Favorite Video Game Favorite Instagram Pet

International nominations

  • The following are nominations for awards from Nickelodeon’s international networks, which will have the categories presented during continuity during their airing of the main American ceremony.
Favorite Pinoy Newbie (Philippines) Favorite African Star (Africa)
Favorite Latin Music Star (Latin America) Favorite Latin Web Star (Latin America)
  • Dosogas
  • Los Polinesios
  • Luisito Comunica
  • Pautips
  • Mario Ruiz
  • Mica Suarez
Favorite Aussie/Kiwi Squad (Australia) Favorite Aussie/Kiwi Rising Star (Australia)
Favorite Aussie/Kiwi Duo (Australia) Favorite Aussie/Kiwi Streaming Sensation (Australia)
Favorite Aussie/Kiwi Ultimate Icon (Australia) Favorite Internet Star (Belgium and Netherlands)
  • Girlys blog
  • Bibi
  • Nina Houston
  • Nina Schotpoort
  • Shane Kluivert
  • Stien
Favorite TV Series (Belgium and Netherlands) Favorite Star (Belgium)
  • Bridge Class
  • The Ludwigs
  • Ghostrockers
  • Mees Kees
  • Nachtwacht
  • SpangaS
  • Laura Tesoro
  • Bab Buelens
  • K3
  • Marie Verhulst
  • Sean Dhondt
  • Tinne Oltmans
Favorite Brazilian Personality (Brazil) Rising Star (Denmark)
  • Bibi Tatto
  • Felipe Neto
  • LUBA
  • Luccas Neto
  • Luis Mariz
  • Malena
  • Mari Nolasco
  • Rezende Evil
Favorite Star (Denmark) Favorite Vlogger (Denmark)
  • Alexander Husum
  • Julia Sofia
  • Rasmus Brohave
  • Victoria Garber
Favorite Muser (Denmark) Favorite Twins (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland)
  • Oscar Rosenstroem
  • Amalie Anderson
  • Isabella and Flippa
  • Mathilde and Rosa
Favorite Athlete (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) Favorite Big Kid (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland)
Favorite Cast (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) Favorite Muser (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland)
  • Falco Punch
  • Laura Sophie
  • Mario Novembre
  • Selina Mour
Favorite Singer (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) Favorite Spanish Influence (Spain)
  • Ariann Music
  • La Diversion de Martina
  • The Grefg
  • Twin Melody
Favorite Artist (Spain) Favorite Singer (Italy)
Favorite Webstar (Italy) Favorite Internet Star (Middle East)
  • MeControTe
  • Elisa Maino
  • iPantellas
  • Iris Ferrari
  • Luciano Spinelli
  • Noha Nabil
  • Saudi Reporters
  • Sherif Fayed
  • Taim Al Falasi
  • The Real Fouz
Favorite Music Artist (Middle East) Favorite Star (Netherlands)
  • Abd El Fattah Grini
  • Douzi
  • Maritta Hallani
  • Saad Ramadan
  • Ronnie Flex
  • Kaj van der Voort
  • Maan
  • Sarah and Julia
  • Vajen van den Bosch
  • Vinchenzo
Norwegian Sparklers (Norway) Favorite Star (Norway)
  • Emma Ellingsen
  • Kattekryp
  • Oselie Henden
  • Ylva Johnsen Olaisen
Favorite Vlogger (Norway) Favorite Muser (Norway)
  • Emelie Lein
  • Elida Høgalmen
  • Halvor Bakke
  • Sondre Rodriguez Pedersen
Swedish Sparklers (Sweden) Favorite Star (Sweden)
  • Therese Lindgren
  • Felicia Bergström
  • Let’s Feast
  • Thomas Sekelius
Inspirational Star (UK)
  • Ashley Banjo