Richest YouTube Stars 2015


Youtube is one of the defining inventions of the 2000’s. But, Amazingly, some people have found ways to not only make money – but, make a lot of money. These are the Richest you tube stars of 2015.

R-Pansino-1 8. (Tie) Rosanna Pansino – “Nerdy Nummies”

Earned: $2.5 Million
Followers: 5.1 Million
Channel: Pansino’s channel consists of her creating and baking recipes (generally sweets) and demonstrating how to make it yourself. Her show gained prominence for being a nerdy-cooking show. Her channel averages approx. 75 million page views per month. She released a cookbook in late November – called “The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook” – which was featured on the New York Times best seller list.

ca-p-qanda 8. (Tie) Roman Atwood
Earned: $2.5 Million
Followers: 7.5 Million
Channel: Atwood’s channel consists of hidden camera public prank videos. His channel has gained a lot of fame and earned over one billion total views between all the videos, which is a definite mile stone.

lilly-singh-preview-nikki-ormerod-compressor 8. (Tie) Lilly Singh – llSuperwomanll
Earned: $2.5 Million
Followers: 10 Million
Channel: Lilly Singh is a motivational speaker, stand-up comedian and a rapper who uses the pseudonym “Superwoman.” Singh uses her upbringing and cultural background – living in India and Canada – in her work and to help bring strong female representation in the South Asian region of the World.

michelle-phan 7. Michelle Phan
Earned: $3 Million
Followers: 8 Million
Channel: Phan’s channel demonstrates how to apply and blend make-up. Phan’s channel is known for it’s production value and voiceover work.Phan’s success has grown and she has become an entrepreneur working with several known names in the industry, such as: L’Oreal and Ipsy.

_85586398_ksi 5. (Tie) Olajide “JJ” Olatunji – KSI
Earned: $4.5 Million
Followers: 11 Million
Channel: KSI’s channel focuses on many aspects; the main one that brought it fame was his video game commentating, however, he does also preform comedy, rap and occasionally act. 

rhettlinkposing 5. (Tie) Rhett McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln Neal III – Rhett and Link
Earned: $4.5 Million
Followers: 3.9 Million
Channel: Rhett and Link are known for their sketch comedy, short videos and hilarious podcast. Their podcast has many segments that are well known, such as: Good Mythical Morning and Epic Rap Battles. They have also gone viral several times releasing music videos and original songs.

lindsey-stirling-celebrity-hd-wallpaper-1920x1080-5469 4. Lindsey Stirling
Earned: $6 Million
Followers: 7.5 Million
Channel: Lindsey Stirling is a violinist, dancer, choreographer, performance artist, singer and composer known for her choreographed violin performances that branch into all genres of music. Stirling was originally denied from a few record labels, but with perseverance and patience she was able to gain many fans and even released two albums, which sold insanely well.

attends Kari Feinstein's Style Lounge presented by Aruba on January 25, 2015 in Park City, Utah.

2. (Tie) Rafi and Benny Fine – The Fine Brothers
Earned: $8.5 Million
Followers: 13.7 Million
Channel: The Fine Brothers are known as online producers, writers, and directors. Their most successful videos are their “React” video series, as well as, their other video series that they have created. The Fine Brothers eventually made the jump from Youtube to TV with their new series “Six Degrees of Everything.”

smosh-photo 2. (Tie) Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla – Smosh
Earned: $8.5 Million
Followers: 21.6 Million
Channel: Smosh began on in 2003 when the duo began posting flash animations on the site. Eventually, the duo moved their work to Youtube and have remained one of the most popular channels. Hecox and Padilla have since branched out and created their own website which has become a popular website by itself.

pewdiepie 1. PewDiePie
Earned: $12 Million
Followers: 40 Million
Channel: PewDiePie is a video game commentator known for his “Let’s Play” video commentaries of video games. His loyal fan base, known as the “Bro Army” have helped his channel not only reach 40 million+ subscribers but also made it the most viewed youtube channel of all time.





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