Some Crazy Food Records you can Attempt to beat… But, I wouldn’t recommend it

Feeling stuffed from the holidays? well, some of these records will make you feel a lot better.

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Eating seems like a strange career, but, there are several people around the world that compete in the competitive sport of “professional eating.” There are several competitions held worldwide and thousands of records waiting to be beaten. I personally recommend some professional training before attempting these records.

Most Oyster Eaten in Three Minutes
imagesThe current record for most oysters eaten in three minutes is 233. Colin Shirlow set this record at the 2005 World Oyster Eating Championship, held at the Hillsborough Oyster Festival, on September 3, 2005.

Most Sticks of Butter Eaten in Five minutes
butter-525 The Current Record for most quarter-pound sticks of unsalted butter consumed in five minutes is seven, yes that is almost two pounds of unsalted butter, eaten plain. The record is held by Don Lerman.

Most Fruitcake Eaten in Ten Minutes
fruitcakeSonya “The Black Widow” Thomas is a professional eater, known notoriously around the circuit. She holds the record for most Wegmans Fruitcake consumed in ten minutes, which she has held since 2003. The record is 4 pounds, 14 1/4 ounces.

Most Spam Eaten in 12 Minutes
spam_can_openSpam is probably one of the more disgusting records on the list. 65-year-old, Dick LeFevre holds the record for consuming six pounds of SPAM in 12 minutes at the event SPAMARAMA in April of 2004.

Most Hot Dogs Eaten in Ten Minutes
pg2_a_hotdogs_576Matt “Megatoad” Stonie, one of the top professional eaters in the world, ate 62 Nathans hot dogs at the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest in 2015, breaking the eight-year streak held by Joey Chestnut.

Most Hamburgers Eaten in Ten Minutes
downloadJamie “The Bear” McDonald holds the record for eating 11 3/4, 11.5 ounce loaded Red Robin Hamburgers in ten minutes. This record was set at the 2013 Taste of Hamburg-er Festival National Hamburger Eating Championship Presented by Red Robin.

Most French Fries Eaten in Under Four Minutes
sides-french-friesThe record for the most french fries consumed in under four minutes is held by Dave “Coondog” O’Karma; who ate 2 pounds in 3 minutes, 54 seconds at the 2011 Boise Fry Company World French Fry Eating Championship.

Most Boneless Buffalo Wings Eaten in Ten Minutes
boneless_buffalo_wingsPatrick Bertoletti holds the record by eating 9 pounds of boneless buffalo wings at the Isle Boonville World Boneless Buffalo Wing Eating Championship.

Most Chocolate Chip Cookies in Six Minutes
2ea0aafc-2942-4134-947f-847c043411aeTom “Goose” Gilbert holds the record for most chocolate chip cookies eaten in six minutes, with 5.125 pounds of cookies at the Blue Baker’s World Chocolate Chip Cookie Eating Championship.

Most Apple Pies Eaten in Six Minutes
b89a36f2-7994-4560-9ad6-085fda9163f0Jamie “The Bear” McDonald holds the record for the most apple pies eaten in six minutes, with 9 pounds, 6 ounces. He set the record at the 2013 Thunder Valley Casino Resort World Apple Pie Eating Record Event.

Most Bacon Eaten in Five Minutes
baconMark “The Human Vacuum” lyle holds the current record for eating 54 pieces of bacon in 5 minutes at the 2010 Beggin’ Strips World Bacon Eating Championship.

Most Chili Eaten in Eight Minutes
CHILI-3Bob “Killer” Kuhns holds the record for eating 10.5 pounds of chili in eight minutes. He set this record at the 2009 Mid-West Chili Eating Championship (Sponsored by North Canton Ohio Rotary Club)

Most Meatballs Eaten in Seven Minutes
meatballsTom “Goose” Gilbert holds the record for eating 50 meatballs in seven minutes at the 2009 Bartolini’s American Meatball Eating Championship.

Most Onion Rings Eaten in Eight Minutes
onion ringsJamie “The Bear” McDonald ate 6.73 pounds of Onion Rings in eight minutes to take the record at the 2013 Riders 4 Relief National Onion Ring Eating Championship (Presented by The Warehouse Steak N Stein).

Most Pickles Eaten in Five Minutes
54f5f978eea3a_-_01-pickle-on-white-lgn-41585088Jammin’ Joe LaRue set the record for most pickles consumed in five minutes by eating four pounds at the 2011 Carnegie Deli World Pickle Eating Championship at The Mirage.

Most Pizza Eaten in Ten Minutes
pizzaMolly Schuyler ate 14 slices from 24″ Pizza (slice weight = 8.5 ounces each) at 2014 Ian’s Pizza National Pizza Eating Championship.

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