Some Theories about Ghosts and Spirits

Ghost touching sleeping granddaughter
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From late night horror stories to calling off spirits and communicating with the dead, we all have been fascinated with the life beyond dead. If you are somebody who loves watching ghost movies and gets all excited with the sudden silence and screams and wish to discover the dark sides, these theories about ghosts would give your nightmares. Here are some interesting facts about ghosts that will send chills down your spine.
Let the Panic begin!


– It is believed that Ghosts and spirits become more active during night time because of reduced or less electronic disturbances making them more powerful with their Ghostly specters.

– Kids and Animal are most likely to see and experience the presence of ghosts since they have more level of energy which draws Ghosts to them. Small kids often mistake Ghosts as their imaginary friend.

– Most of the spirits and ghosts don’t really know that they are dead and often live in a confusing state which feels like being stuck in a nightmare.

– Well we knew that vampires can’t sleep and same goes for the ghosts. They keep on roaming around especially if they want justice after death.

– Ghosts like themselves to get noticed and grab people attention. So if you smell perfume or see smoke or fog, you need to know that you do have a company.


– It is believed that ghosts can read your mind and also can foresee your future. They try to communicate with you about your future through your dreams. So next time you have a dream about your future, you know who to thank.

– Oh don’t get me wrong! Almost all horror movies end with bloodbath and it’s true but ghosts themselves cannot kill you. They use you to kill your own self taking over your senses and making you insane.

– Ghosts often get bored of their unknown existence and therefore causes trouble. They become mischievous and are always curious.

– All animals can sense the paranormal activity around them but it is always cats who can actually see a ghost. If your cat is staring at the air, it’s time to panic.

– It is believed that ghosts do not stay at their remains or cemetery but prefer to be inside the church.

– Ghosts like to keep themselves unchanged. They retain their living personalities. Also they keep their emotions and memories safe with them which were associated with time right before their deaths.

– In a study by an expert of England, it was found out that cell phones have been killing off ghosts as the ghosts sightings have dropped considerably since the introduction of cellphones. It is because of electronic noise produced by phone calls and text messages.

– One of the greatest minds of humanity, Albert Einstein in this theory believed that Ghosts are real. He said that all the energy of universe is constant and since this energy cannot be destroyed, it can transform into new energy and creation of ghost. Can this get any more logical than this?

– Ghosts are cold, that’s why if the room have ghosts you can feel cool or measure cold spots.

– Ghosts can see your future, sometimes they want to tell us through dreams.

– Ghosts have feelings but do not have senses.


– Spirits have absolutely no sense of time.

– Spirits have a profound sense of smell! They are often attracted to certain scents.

– Ghosts often appear to walk through walls because they are walking the path they walked when they were living. Buildings are often changed over time and new rooms and walls are built – which allows them to walk through walls.

– Ghosts traditionally say “boo!” “Boo” is a variation of the Latin word for “I alarm/ I am alarming/ i do alarm.” (Present active – boo, present infinitive – boare, perfect action – boavi, supine – boatum). Ghosts are literally saying “I’m Yelling!” in a dead language (no pun intended).