Some Websites and Apps that help the world



The Internet is full of many strange websites and ideas, and has revolutionized the way these concepts are conveyed. luckily, for humanity as a whole there are many, many websites and apps whose sole purpose is to help benefit people, the environment, animals and issues around the globe. Listed below are just a few apps and websites that show people can be good and give to important causes.
notfound-orgThis website is brilliant because it takes advantage of all of those abandoned webpages with that obnoxious “404 page not found” page. This website takes those pages and has them help a serious and common issue, missing people.

o-KOKO-APP-570This app is helpful because it allows stressed, anxious or depressed people to post their thoughts onto a page where others suffering from the same emotions. This app allows people to seek help for their pain and mental anguish through community bonds, also it keeps their posts from cluttering their friends Facebook walls.

B9319898732Z.1_20151128183008_000_GEVCN1ORB.1-0This app allows for people to report homeless people or to alert that they are currently homeless. This app doesn’t inform the police but allows for organizations to help find the person food, shelter and potentially a better future.

FeedingforwardThis app connects businesses that have a surplus of food with food banks and homeless shelters – which feeds the hungry and doesn’t waste perfectly good food. One incident involving this website actually fed 4,200 people in need.

gfmThis website is very well known for its contributions to the needy. This site allows individuals to submit a story of a tragedy and a set goal for crowdfunding by charitable financial contributions. This site can be used to help a variety of events, including: natural disasters, medical expenses, vehicle accidents, families in need and more.

gg This website allows for many people to get involved in grassroot projects to benefit the less fortunate around the world. This website donates money to groups and organizations that help in these efforts, such as the peace corp.

shareimage This app definately shows we are in the future. This app pairs blind people with seeing volunteers and helps them find something they are looking for, read labels, navigate unfamiliar areas and many other tasks – all operated through cell phones and video chatting. The app alerts the visual volunteer if they are available, and if not it continues to another until the interaction can be completed.