Stories Hinting at the Possibility of Alternate Dimensions

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The universe is a vast and confusing place that us humans will more than likely never figure out entirely. Alternate universes and dimensions are one phenomenon that a large portion of the world believes in. Even if you’re not one of them, it’s still fun to get a little weird sometimes, right?

The Green Children of Woolpit
This one dates back all the way to 12th century England. Legend has it that two siblings, a brother and sister, just popped up in the village of Woolpit in Suffolk, England. They looked fairly normal, oh, except for their greenish skin. They spoke in a language no one knew, wore very strange clothing, and they only ate beans. The people of the village took them in and they eventually adapted, losing their green tint and learning to eat other foods.
The boy then became sick shortly after and died, and when the girl learned to speak English she told the townspeople that she and her brother were from Saint Martin’s Land, a subterranean world filled with green people. She said that they were herding their dad’s cattle there when they heard a loud noise, and somehow they suddenly ended up in Woolpit. She grew up and even got married, but it always remained a mystery of where her birthplace was.

Riverside, California
Carol Chase McElheney was on her way to Perris, California when she saw a sign for the town of Riverside. This is where she grew up, so she wanted to go visit. When she got to the street where her house had been, she claimed she couldn’t find it and that all of the houses were different. Then she went in search of her grandmother’s house, but her street had also changed. She even went to see where her grandparents had been buried, but it was just a fenced up lot filled with weeds.
In one last effort Carol went to one of the popular streets in town that should have been filled with shopping centers and restaurants, but instead she found an unkempt, graffiti-covered area. Even the people scared her, and she had a weird feeling that if she got out of her car she’d be stuck there forever.
A few years later Carol’s father died and was to be buried in the same cemetery as her grandparents. When she got there, the town was exactly the way it was when she was growing up. Carol thinks she actually stepped into an alternate dimension where Riverside was a completely different place.

The Man From Taured
At the Haneda Airpot in Tokyo in 1954, A European plane landed with a highly questionable passenger on board. Not to say he looked strange at all, he was actually a neatly-dressed middle-aged man. He spoke French mainly, along with Japanese and several other languages. He told officials he was on a routine business trip, and he had a variety of currencies from different European countries in his wallet as well as valid visa stamps in his passport. The only problem was, his passport was from Taured. He casually mentioned that Taured was on the border between France and Spain. In reality, Taured does not exist.
Officials also learned that the company he was meeting with did not exist, and the hotel at which he had reserved a room had never heard of him. The bank on his checkbook couldn’t even be found. He was given a hotel while immigration officers sorted things out, equipped with two officers standing outside his door the entire time. When they checked on him in the morning he had disappeared… from his 15th floor room above a busy street. Tokyo police searched for him but he was never found.

The Markawasi Stone Forest Cabin
A group of friends were camping near the strange forest when they heard music from a small stone cabin lit up by torches. One of the women claimed to see people dancing inside, and wearing 17th-century clothing. She felt drawn to it and tried to enter, but before she could fully get inside her friend pulled her away. The half of her body that had actually gotten into the cabin instantly became paralyzed.
People believe that she partially entered a dimensional gateway and her body went through some type of nervous system shift, resulting in her partial paralyzation.

Jophar Vorin of Laxaria
In 1851 a man who called himself Jophar Vorin was wandering a German village when he was picked up by authorities. He spoke some broken German, but he spoke other languages that no one had ever heard of. He claimed to come from “Sakria,” an area of the globe he claimed was separated from Europe by a giant ocean. He said he was searching for his brother after they got separated during a shipwreck.
He also detailed the “five great compartments” of where he came from, calling them Aflar, Astar, Auslar and Euplar, along with the aforementioned Sakria. Clearly no one had ever heard of these so-called continents and the guy couldn’t trace his route on shore. He ended up living in Berlin and remained a bizarre mystery.

The Beatles Never Broke Up
In 2009, James Richards from Livermore, California was driving home when he stopped to let his dog go to the bathroom. He says that she chased after a rabbit and when he went to follow her he tripped, knocking himself unconscious. When he came to he was sitting next to a strange machine with a man named Jonas. Jonas told him he found James while on a work trip for an inter dimensional travel agency.
During their time together Jonas and Richards talked about things going on in their universes and Richards discovered that the Beatles were still making music in Jonas’s dimension. He even got a cassette tape labled “Everyday Chemistry” that contained Beatles songs not known to us. He even uploaded it to a website,

Pedro Oliva Ramirez
In November 1986 Ramirez was driving from Seville, Spain to his hometown of Alcalá de Guadaíra (a trip he regularly took) when he turned a curve and allegedly found himself on a six-lane highway. He drove down this road and saw things that were unfamiliar such as 20-story residential buildings and grass about two feet high along the road.
He then says he felt a hot sensation in his car and heard voices informing him that he’d been transferred to another dimension. The cars around him passed at intervals of exactly eight minutes and were all outdated and either white or beige.
After about an hour of driving he came arcoss three signs pointing to different directions: Alcabala, Malaga, and Seville. He began driving in the “Seville” direction, but when he stopped he was shocked to discover he was looking at his home in Alcala de Guadaira. When he tried to retrace his steps he couldn’t find the crossroads or the highway.

Lerina Garcia Gordo
In 2008 a Spanish woman named Lerina Garcia Gordo woke up one morning and realized that things were different. Not majorly different, but minor things such as the color of her sheets and the pajamas she was wearing. Then things got really weird. She went to work and found someone else working in her office, and she actually worked in a different department in the same building, with a boss that was altogether unfamiliar to her.

After a confusing day to say the least, she went home to find her ex-boyfriend there. Only he wasn’t her ex, they were currently dating, and the guy she’d been with for months was nowhere to be found. She posted all of this in an online forum asking for help, claiming she had woken up in a parallel universe.