Strangest Actual Sports

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There are several strange sports throughout the planet, each culture develops their own way to bring communities together and compete with others. Amazingly, a lot of these sports get picked up on a larger scale and competitive leagues and events begin getting organized. There are many other sports not listed, but this list is a good amount of the strangest sports in the world.

Blind Soccer (Football) – Blind soccer (or football) is similar to the original sport, the main differences are: everyone is blindfolded – excluding the goalkeeper, the ball has noise makers to indicate where it is on the field and the players must shout when they are going towards the ball to indicate where they are on the field.

article-1187350-05153FAC000005DC-39_634x421 Moustache Growing – This sport seems to rely on genetics and patience more than skill and training, but it still has competitions that are judged worldwide.

Bo-Taoshi – This Japanese game is essentially a combination of capture the flag and dog piling, this sport requires two teams, each with offensive players and defensive players, to attack the other teams pole and bring it down, while simultaneously, protecting their own from being brought down.

Zorbing – Zorbing is a sport that requires each participant to be put inside a giant plastic “hamster ball” and race down slopes, ramps or streets.

Shin Kicking – This sport is exactly what it sounds like, the premise is two competitors hold each other’s collar and kick each other’s shins until one falls to the ground. The game originated in England in the early 17th century and remained very popular.

Ga-ga Ball Ga-ga ball is a variation of the popular sport dodgeball. In this sport two competitors, or two teams try to dodge the one ball as it is thrown at them. The rules are if you are hit on or below the knee you are eliminated – the game continues until there is one victor.

Log Rolling – Log rolling is a sport that involves two competitors on opposite sides of a log, generally in water, as they sprint and kick the log trying to knock the other off.

Quidditch – Inspired by the popular sport in the Harry Potter series, this sport requires players to be mounted on broomsticks and score using balls that are thrown through hoops, on opposing sides of the field. Also, there is someone who is dressed in yellow, with a long sock hanging off of them – which contains a tennis ball, if the tennis ball is captured that team wins.

roller Roller Derby – Roller derby is a contact sport on roller skates, in which two teams of five are skating in the same direction on a small circular track. Each team is trying to protect a designated teammate so they can overlap the other team, while also trying to hit the other teams designated player to slow them down.

Bog Snorkelling – This sport requires competitors to complete two consecutive lengths of a water-filled trench cut through a bog, in the shortest time possible. The difficulty here is you are navigating through murky, muddy and cold water.

Gurning – Gurning is the act of making your face into a grotesque, ugly facial expression. Believe it or not, in parts of England and Scotland there are Gurning competitions for the ugliest face.

Pea Shooting – This sport is similar to archery, dried peas are shot through a specialized straw, with the competitor’s mouth towards a sticky target.

Frog Jumping – Frog jumping is an American folk game, made popular by a short story written by Mark Twain. The sport requires making a frog jump the farthest and measuring it.

11.04.11news-rae-punkin-chunkin-edit Pumpkin Chucking – This Sport takes place in the U.S. in the fall, generally after Thanksgiving. The object is to launch a pumpkin as far as physically possible only using mechanical means; There are five categories to this sport, including: slingshots, catapults, centrifugals, trebuchets and pneumatic cannons.

Sepak takraw – This sport is popular in Southeast Asia, This sport is a combination of volleyball and soccer in which you have to hit a ball over a net at opponents but you are only allowed to use your feet, knee, chest and head. 

Beer Can Regatta – This sport originated in Australia, the purpose of the sport is to construct a boat made entirely from beer cans, soft drink bottles and milk cartons – and then to test it’s seaworthiness.

Camel Wrestling – This sport has been around for over 2,400 years, the purpose of the sport is to make two male camels fight over a female camel. There are usually bets made and the winners are sold for money. This sport is played, generally, in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

tractor Lawnmower Racing – This is a motor sport – generally only in the US, UK and Australia – in which participants race modified lawnmowers (with the blades removed).

Worm Charming – This sport started from attracting worms for fishing bait, but evolved into a competitive sport. The competitors use different methods and skills to attract worms out of the ground.

Parkour – This sport is practiced in urban areas, in which competitors try to get from one point to another without any assistance, the fastest possible.

635723169426428964-2086105817_nathans2.imgopt1000x70 Competitive Eating – This is a timed sport in which competitors eat massive amounts of food in a designated time, the winner is whoever consumes the most. Prizes generally include cash and trophies.

Dog Surfing – Dog Surfing is similar to regular surfing competitions in which the competition is judged based on skill, wave height and ride length. The only real difference is this competition has humans and dogs competing in tandem.

Bossaball – This sport originated in Spain and is very similar to Volleyball except it is played on an inflatable court with a trampoline. The players on each side are allowed to use their hands or other body parts (similar to soccer).

Wife Carrying – This sport was made popular in Finland, The sport involves a participant carrying a female participant across several obstacles. The competitor that completes the course the fastest wins.

Unicycle Polo – Unicycle Polo is very similar to regular polo except you substitute the horse with a unicycle. The unicycle regulations require it to be a certain height with a certain wheel size.

Mountain Unicycling – Mountain Unicycling (also known as “muni”) is a sport that requires people to transverse rough terrains on a unicycle. The sport is similar to mountain biking except it requires more balance (due to only having one tire) and there are no gears to shift through.

Cycleball – This sport is popular in Europe and is basically a variation of soccer (football) except the players ride fixed-gear bicycles with no brakes.

Calcio Storico – This sport has been called the “most brutal sport on Earth,” it is essentially rugby with less rules and more injuries. The players try to bring a ball from one side of a court to another while dodging attacking players and then defending their own goal.

Cabertoss – This sport originated in Scotland and requires competitors to toss a giant log or tree (known as a caber). The primary objective is to throw the log – which generally weighs 175 pounds and measures 19 feet 6 inches – the farthest.

Extermeironingrivelin Extreme Ironing – This sport is also a form of expressive art in which competitors compete to take a picture of themselves ironing clothes in the most extreme and bizarre ways. Some of the past winners took pictures on the edge of sheer cliffs, scuba diving and skydiving.

Toe Wrestling – This sport is very similar to thumb wrestling and arm wrestling. The two opponents lock feet and try to pin the other competitors feet.

Chess Boxing – This Sport is a combination of two very different sports. It alternates each round, one being the brain round with chess, the next is the brawn round with boxing. The sport continues until a knock out or a queen is captured.

Fireball Soccer – This sport was originally played in Indonesia it is essentially the  sport of soccer (football) except the ball is lit on fire.

Beer Mile – This sport combines running and speed drinking. The race involves running a mile and stopping to quickly consume a 12-ounce beer every 1/4 mile. The race ends after one mile(and four beers) in the fastest time.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Underwater Hockey (Octopush) – This sport is hockey except the teams push a puck along the bottom of a pool with small hand hockey sticks.

Buzkashi – This sport is popular in Central Asia (particularly Afghanistan) the sport is like soccer (football) in premise. The competitors are horse-mounted and attempt to being a goat carcass towards a designated goal, while others are competing to being the goat to their designated goal.






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