Strangest Apps you could have on your phone

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With technology and phones advancing daily, it seems like there is an app for everything. Well, there are some apps for things that you would never expect.

A location-based social networking app called Cuddly lets you find people in your area to cuddle with. Cute or creepy? You be the judge.

This app allows you to set up fistfights with strangers, like your own personal fight club, but you are allowed to talk about it.

This app allows women to set up their best friends, sort of like a tinder app without men. This app matches women based on their friends, lifestyles and survey and quiz answers.

This app requires you to purchase a few things, but it does allow you to turn your phone into a personal 3D Printer.

Pack Up + Go
This app has a small team of travelers curate three-day getaways in the US, designing customer experiences based on their home city, budget, travel dates, and interests. Such convenience comes at a cost— between $350 and $2,000, which covers transportation, lodging, and planning.

Places I’ve Pooped
This app kinda speaks for itself, but it basically keeps track of everywhere you have done your business.

Drunk Dial No!
We all have a few contacts in our phone that should NOT be called at 1am on a Friday night. With Drunk Dialer No, you can hide contact phone numbers from your belligerent self for up to 48 hours. Never again will you wake up regretting the calls you made the night before. For all you singles with your brain below your waist, block your ex’s and say “NO” to that late night booty call!

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