Strangest College Majors you could Actually Take.

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College is an important stepping stone to most careers. The majors available are insane and some are almost bizarre but if you complete the schooling and push yourself you could be successful in any field, College is really about finding yourself and pursuing your dreams. Listed are some of the strangest courses actually offered, that have their own potential career and lifestyle.

Audio Technology – American University, District of Columbia
This course allows people to study the waves of sound and determine what is appealing to human ears.

Animal Breeding – Purdue University, Indiana
– Lake Erie College, Ohio

This field of study deals with isolating genetic traits relating to growth and production of animal based products, and then attempting to create breeds that embody the most desirable of those traits.

Adventure Education – Plymouth State University
This course demonstrates survival skill and helps humans better connect to nature.

The Beatles – Liverpool Hope University
This Course allows people to study one of the most iconic bands of all time and analyzes their lyrics

Astrobiology – University of Washington
                      – Penn State
This field studies the potential to populate other planets and helps study our own origin.

Auctioneering – Harrisburg Area Community College
This field allows people to study auctioneer speak, laws and appraisal of items.

Cannabis Cultivation – Oaksterdam University
This field studies how to grow and cultivate medical marijuana and the legality of this product.

Herbalism – Goddard College, Vermont
– Bastyr University, Washington

This field studies organic methods for medicinal healing and the origin of this practice that dates back thousands of years.

Bagpiping – Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania
This field studies the history, culture and technique to play the instrument of Scotland.

Comedy – Humber College
This field helps people work on timing, audience appeal and marketing your talent.

Fermentation Sciences – Appalachian State University
This field studies the science of brewing alcohol and its effects, as well as, marketing in the business.

Sexuality – San Francisco State University
This field studies sexuality and how it effects culture, media and human interactions.

Holocaust Studies – Keene State College, New Hampshire
This Field studies one of the worst atrocities in human history to help understand and avoid it.

Citrus – Florida State University
This field studies cultivation, marketing and uses for citrus fruit.

Logic – Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania
– University of Pennsylvania

This field studies basic human logic and how we make decisions and thoughts.

Licensed Midwifery – Bastyr University, Washington
This field helps people study fetal development and emergency situations, without having to be a nurse.

Parasitology – Bowling Green University, Ohio
This field studies the constantly evolving and dangerous element of parasites.

Reiki – Goddard College, Vermont
This field studies the alternative method of healing known as Reiki. This study involves using the body’s energy to heal ailments.

Canadian Studies – Duke University
This Field studies the history, laws and culture of Canada.

Comic Art – Minneapolis College of Art and Design
This field studies the culture, evolution and development of comics.

Farrier Science – Mesalands Community College
This field studies the history, culture and technique behind the game of horseshoes.

Mortuary Science – University of District of Columbia Community College
This field studies the law, culture, science and different religious beliefs for afterlife care and funeral services.

Popular Culture – Bowling Green University, Ohio
This field studies the constantly changing and growing element of pop culture; which includes: music, movies and celebrities.

Puppet Arts – University of Connecticut
This field studies the culture, history and management of puppet shows.

Theme Park Engineering – California State University
This field studies electrical, mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic physics of roller coasters and rides.

Turf Grass Science – Penn State
This field studies turf grass’s uses, pesticide control and manufacturing.

Costume Technology – DePaul University
This field explores the world of costuming from a variety of disciplines, from art and architecture to ethics and business management. Draping, cutting and designing are, of course, part of the package, too.

Packaging – Michigan State University
This field studies the manufacturing, sales and evolution of packaging.