Strangest Cults that Exist in the Modern Era

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Many people think of mass suicides and brainwashing when they think of cults. Because of some interesting events that have occurred, throughout history, there is definitely a stigma attached to the idea of cults and organizations that aren’t considered “traditional.” Cults have existed for thousands of years – some examples in more recent years are People’s Temple, led by Jim Jones who organized a mass suicide in 1978 and Heaven’s Gate who also organized a mass suicide in 1997. Some have persuasive goals and ambitions while others are just bizarre.

National_Seal_Water_Mark nuwaubian

This cult was founded in 1967 by Dwight York. After undergoing several name and theology changes the cult had mixed themes of ancient Egyptian religions, extraterrestrial thoughts and Muslim beliefs. The group has many strange beliefs, including; that their black skin is from rusting in the Earth’s atmosphere after the extraterrestrials dropped them off on Earth Centuries ago. The Group resides in a compound in New York, known as “Tama-Re,” however, York is currently serving a 135-year sentence for child molestation charges and racketeering.

scientologycult scienceScientology is probably the most popular of the modern-day cults, mainly because half of Hollywood celebrities openly support, embrace and promote it. Scientology was founded in 1954 by L. Ron Hubbard, and has many beliefs that humans are extraterrestrials from multiple planets, put on earth to free themselves from the control of “Thetans” in our bodies.

The Prince Philip Movement

The Prince Philip Movement is a belief held by the Kaston people of the Yaohnanen village on the tiny, southern island of Tanna in Vanuatu. The tribe holds the belief that Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh is a divine being. This belief is believed to have started from a legend that he just happened to fit the description of, but no one can be sure. Prince Philip somewhat embraced this cult by sending them pictures of himself, in a somewhat vain act.

The Church of Euthanasia
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The Church of Euthanasia, founded by Rev. Chris Korda and Pastor Robert Kimberk, in Boston Massachusetts, in 1992. The cult believes that the world can be restored back to its original state, if the majority of the human population disappeared, even if it is by violent means. The cult has four main pillars it upholds, which include: suicide, abortion, cannibalism, and sodomy.

The Cosmic People of Light Powers

This cult was founded in the 1990s under the strong belief that extraterrestrials are attempting to communicate with humans, telepathically – but, never directly. The cult believes there are several extraterrestrial planets, with different races, trying to communicate with us. They also believe that modern technology and mass media is attempting to oppress and manipulate humans from contacting others. Population of this movement has declined in recent years, partially due to another UFO cult, Heaven’s Gate, committing mass suicide in 1997.

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Raelism is a UFO cult, that was founded in 1974 by Claude Vorilhon (who goes by Rael). This cult believes that humans are a scientific experiment created by extraterrestrials centuries ago. These creators have attempted to contact descendants of their creations throughout history, which are always interpreted as God and angels. This movement tries to promote peace and world unity and uses a Swastika to symbolize peace.

The Creativity Movement
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The Creative Movement is a cult founded in 1973, by white supremacist, Ben Klassen. The cult tries to project the idea of white supremacy beliefs on a world-view. The cult rejects any and all religious affiliation and mainly focuses on the premise that white people are superior to others.

Order of the Solar Temple
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This cult believes that they are descendants of the original Knights Templar. This cult operates as a secret society that is found throughout the world. This cult believes in the idea of “Spirituality over the Temporal.” The cult gained reputation in 1994 when one of the leaders of the cult, Tony Dutoit, killed his three-year-old son, believing him to be the Antichrist. This act caused several members, around the world, to commit suicide.