Strangest Websites to Waste Time On.

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The Internet is a large and strange place, in fact, this site OSOTI, is an acronym for “Odd side of the Internet.” There are literally millions and millions of websites ranging from the ones everyone knows – Facebook, Google, Yahoo – to the relatively unknown and hidden. This list below is some of the strangest that could be found, they range from comical and entertaining to strange and bizarre.

The Useless
This website is exactly what is sounds like, useless. When you open it there is one clickable button and once you push it the site will redirect you to several entertaining, but still useless websites.

This website allows one to register and submit a picture of yourself. Then it targets several of your features and matches it to a look alike somewhere else in the world.

This website allows you to push random buttons on your computer and have it appear as though you are a professional, mission impossible like hacker.

This website allows you to pick a humane society across the U.S. and play with the cats through electronic, remote-controlled cat toys. You are allowed up to two minutes at a time and watch the interaction through live-streaming video.
This website turns anything you write into cat puns.

This website is fitting for the current presidential campaign. On this website you blow a trumpet at the (unfortunate) U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump and mess up his notoriously awful hairpiece. It has been done over 60 Million times already.

This website allows a person to play a few fun and entertaining flash games. The games are somewhat gory and the language is definitely not for children but it is entertaining.

This website has nothing but a strange worm on it that follows your cursor as you move it. After some time, the screen becomes colorful, insane, with loud music – much like an epileptic fit.
This website features nothing but a permanent loading screen with a strange voice over welcoming you to the site.
This website features a giant rube goldberg machine drawing that shows hundreds of little, blue balls as they pass from the top of the screen to the bottom.