The most Notorious Prison of the World is in America: Read to know the Cruelty done on Inmates

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Nobody wishes to go to a prison for the sake of it. As long as crime exists, prisons are much needed. Over the years, prisons have earned the reputation of being unpopular due to the incidents and the way inmates are treated.

Let’s start:

  1. Diyarbakir Prison – Turkey

The prison was opened in the year 1980 and is located in Turkey. The prison is infamous for being violated the basic human rights. From early days, the food deprivation, sexual abuse, systematic torture and electric shocking has been pertaining. Many prisoners till date have lost their lives due to this torture. In the year 1996, there was a planned attack in the prison which killed 10 inmates and injured hundred. The prison still operates, despite the constant demand for its closure.
Diyarbakir Prison

  1. Carandiru Penitentiary – Brazil

Carandiru is known for its brutality. It is indeed one of the most brutal and infamous prison known in the history. It was built in the year 1920 and was operational till the year 2002 from 1956. Till then it was the largest prison of South America. 102 inmates were shot dead in the prison. This incident was followed by a riot in the year 1992. 1300 inmates have lost their lives during the time it was operational. In the year 2002, it was demolished as Amnesty International conducted a wide campaign. The part of the prison is a museum now.

Carandiru Penitentiary

  1. Gitarama Central Prison – Rwanda

Originally, the prison was supposed to house only 400 inmates but in 1990’s during the Rwandan genocide, thousands of people were made forced inmates. People are so cramped that there is no space to sit or sleep. Per square feet, there were 4 people. Scarcity of food is to such an extent that inmates are ready to cut each other and eat. Even clashes among the inmates are very common and they are so intense that only few survive.

Gitarama Central Prison

  1. Camp 22 – North Korea

Haengyong concentration camp is also known by the name of Kwan-li-so 22 and was built for the purpose of accommodating political prisoners in the year 1965. The conditions of the camp were similar to that to Nazi concentration camps. The families including the children of the convicts were imprisoned here so that they never returned. Inmates were tortured by hard labor, various methods of torture and starvation was imposed on them. Even, infants were no granted, they were subjected to many absurd scientific experiments. During1990’s, the prison had around 50,000 inmates.

Camp 22 North Korea

  1. ADX Florence – USA

The most dangerous prison of the world is located in America and is also known as the Administrative Maximum Facility. It was opened in the year 1994, in Colorado. One of the wildest and the notorious characteristic of the prison is that there is no human interaction there. Prisoners are completely isolated from other inmates and guards. Even light availability is for a limited span time. Many a times, loneliness leads to suicide and madness. One of the former warden named this prison correctly as a ‘cleaner version of Hell’.

ADX Florence Prison