The Strange, Beautiful Phenomena in Nature

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Nature is all around us and beautiful. Sometimes nature does strange things, that are as elegant as they are rare. Listed below are some phenomenons that you don’t often see in nature.

Snow Roller
russell-reynolds-snow-rollerroller28-03 A snow roller is a rare phenomenon in which large rolls of snow are formed naturally. The snow is blown by the wind collecting material along the way, almost the same way a snowball is formed. Snow rollers are often hollow on the inside, due to the fact that the inside is formed first and are much weaker than the outer layers.

Mammatus Clouds
23534FB400000578-2842663-They_take_the_appearance_of_hundreds_of_little_balls_caused_by_t-12_1416510084762mammatus-clouds-Granbury-TX-5-20-2013-Pam-Rice_Phillips These are clouds that form a pouch-like look under larger clouds. They are usually full of ice and extend hundreds of miles. These clouds are usually associated with thunder storms.

Frost Flower
frost flower 4frost-flowers These delicate formations happen when ice particles build up around plants or wood. The below freezing weather is outside the plant and the inside of the plant is warmer. The water from the plant is pulled to the surface which leads to a fragile ice build-up.

article-2314526-1979B731000005DC-570_634x356ice-brinicles02 This occurs when the sea freezes. This occurs a lot around the North and South poles. Because of the salt mixture in the sea water it forms a brine of sinking mixture. This results in ice/salt icicles forming underwater in the fresh water.

Fallstreak Hole
DannyMcNealHolePunchCloud A fallstreak hole is a large, circular gap that occurs in clouds. These are formed when the water temperature in the clouds are below freezing but the water has not frozen yet due to the lack of ice nucleation. When the ice crystals do form, it causes the water droplets around the crystals to evaporate.

Columnar Basalt
Columnar_Basalt_Devil's_Postpile_Californiap1209781238-3 The unique formations are a result of lava flows cracking as they cool in a perpendicular direction of the original flow.

penitentes-7[2]penitente3 These snowy structures are formed at high altitude areas with low humidity, like the glaciers of the Andes Mountains. if the conditions are right the sun is often so hot that it actually sublimate fields of snow – making the snow vaporize before ever becoming a liquid. The remaining structures are areas that haven’t been directly vaporized yet.

Sailing Stones
sailing_stones_of_deathvalley_2Sailing-Stones-Death-Valley7 These rocks move when a large ice sheet, only a few millimeters thick, floats across ephemeral water ponds and breaks up, due to movement and sunlight. The ice melts during the day forming water and freezes during cold nights forming ice, which the rocks slide across, until the ice evaporates away permanently.

Volcanic Lightning
CanoLight_FEAT-970x545icevolcano_fulle When a volcano erupts it projects positively-charged debris into the atmosphere, around it. These positive-charges react with the negative charges around them resulting in lightning strikes.

Light Pillar
090219-01-night-light-pillars_big Light pillars result in light reflecting through tiny ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere or clouds.

Lava Tubes
fhghfghsubway_800p A lava tube is a natural conduit formed by flowing lava which moves beneath the hardened surface of a lava flow. Tubes can be actively draining lava from a volcano during an eruption, or can be extinct, meaning the lava flow has ceased and the rock has cooled and left a long, cave-like channel.