‘Tis the Season’ – On Repeat this Season

Tis the Season
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Looking at the Google Doodle Today will give you all a refreshing feel. It states ‘Tis the Season’. So what is this?

In the year 2000, American singer Vince Gill and Australian singer Olivia Newton-John had come up with an amazing Christmas album to mark the Christmas season. It was named ‘Tis the Season’. The album was produced Hallmark Entertainment. This album was Gill’s third and Newton-John’s work one, but both these singers have done mind-blowing work!

The album is a mesmerizing collection of classical Christmas songs. It includes two duets sung by Newton-John and Gill . The album also consists of two songs that are sung by The Bradford Singers, special guests. The mind blowing instrumentation is owed to the London Symphony Orchestra.

The album was released through Hallmark cards stores, so was not available everywhere and also the album was not released internationally.

Who all missed the album can view it here: