US Federal Court Rules Females are Free to Display Breasts, in Public


A United States federal court has just ruled that women can freely expose their breasts in public with as argument that there is no absolute difference between male and female breasts.

“The Municipality of Fort Collins in the state of Colorado passed an ordinance (No. 134) in November 2015, banning girls and women older than nine from exposing their breasts in public unless they were breastfeeding. City officials argued that allowing females to publicly expose their breasts would likely cause distraction among drivers and pedestrians. This, they believe, has a tendency to disrupt public order.

The law was quickly challenged in court in May 2016 by the activist group Free the Nipple. Free the Nipple is a movement that started from a 2012 film of the same name. The group staged protests throughout the city in the past, gathering topless in public spots. Commentators even suspect the activities of the group made city officials pass the law that banned them from exposing their breasts in public. Free the Nipple went to court demanding an injunction on the law.

The gender equality group said the ordinance was restrictive and discriminatory against women in the city. The group explained that if the law was fair, it should have banned both genders from exposing their breasts in public. But city officials countered this by saying the law did not discriminate because male and female breasts are different.”

The court stated that the primary difference between men and women’s breasts is the ability to breastfeed upon child earth.

While the court took note of the physical differences between the both male and female’s breasts, it stated that the physical difference itself was not enough to issue a different treatment from the government.


Here at HTLITUS, we believe in complete equal rights, and nothing’s more different than in this case.

While in reality, we may all feel uncomfortable being exposed to certain body parts in public – or for that matter exposing our own breasts in public – the fact remains that we should not be told what we can and cannot do with our body through a governmental law, but rather through societal common sense.

As a society, we know what can and cannot happen in public, but the ability to choose to do so if desired should still be there for whatever reason.

Though again that doesn’t take a way from keeping common sense and decency in mind.