What Happens to You When You get “Crossfaded”

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Sometimes the turn-up gets so real that one method of getting lit just isn’t enough. Some people choose to get crossfaded, which is basically mixing the effects of alcohol and marijuana.

Alcohol and marijuana have different effects on the brain, but they are the same in the sense that they both inhibit glutamate transmissions in the brain, which is a key part of your learning process. This is also the link between poor memory while intoxicated or high.

A study wanted to figure out exactly what happens when you mix the two so they proceeded to get rats drunk and high at the same time. Needless to say the rat’s ability to identify objects was severely impaired while under the influence.

The study also shed light on why people who get crossfaded are considerably more lit than people who just consume either alcohol or marijuana. After just two shots of alcohol the THC levels in participant’s blood plasma had doubled compared to participants that consumed a placebo drink. People who consumed both also reported more euphoric feelings and a better high, quicker.

The video below by Asap Science explains exactly what scientists believe is happening to your body while getting crossfaded.