What if the Earth Stopped Spinning?

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It may be strange to think about but the Earth is spinning below our feet at approximately 1,040 miles per hour.



Everything that isn’t secured will fly Eastward at 1,040 miles per hour. People would be flying at 1,040 miles per hour, leading to many casualties. Wind and atmosphere would also be moving at 1,040 miles per hour, which is similar to an atomic blast. If you somehow survived that, the stopping of the Earth would send tsunamis crashing 17 miles inland, in less than a minute.

Over Time

The 365 day calendar would be obsolete. The Earth would essentially be one long day, with six months of scorching sunlight and six months of freezing darkness. The Earth has a bulge at it’s equator, due to centrifugal force. ngbbs500a17cb7d1e0

Without this force, the Oceans would migrate to the areas with the strongest gravity – the poles. This would result in the equator become a barren desert. This would result in two major oceans, and one strip of a continent in the middle. Eventually, the Earth’s magnetic field would fade away, leaving the Earth exposed to cosmic waves. This would wipe out any life that may be left on Earth.