What it Really takes to Make it in the NFL

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On Average there are approximately:


1,087,000 High School Football Players
December 20, Carson _| El Capitan players get pumped before the start of their game against Campolindo in the Division III CIF State Football Championship Bowl game at the StubHub Center in Carson on Saturday. |_Mandatory Photo Credit: Photo by Hayne Palmour IV/UT San Diego/Copyright 2014 San Diego Union-Tribune, LLC 310,465 of these players are Seniors


There are approximately:


70,147 NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Players

With approximately 6.5% of high school football players to reach the NCAA
hpaztecs340178x018_r900x493 In the NCAA, there are approximately 20,042 NCAA Freshman playing and 15,588 Seniors of the 70,147 players.


Of these NCAA players the NFL scouts approximately 6,500 players
W_031513_GSU_PRO_DAY_01 350 of these scouted are invited to the NFL scouting combine, for further evaluation.

The players in the combine that make the draft: approximately 250
the-nfl-scouting-combine Players that make it from NCAA to NFL?



Number of Rookies that make a team is approximately 300


The Average NFL career only lasts 3.3 years
On average, only about 150 players reach a 4 year career, the numbers get expodentially smaller the more seasons that are added
ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 30: John Abraham #55 of the Atlanta Falcons reacts after injuring his leg against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Georgia Dome on December 30, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

2015 NFL Minimum salary: $420,000 ($262,000 after taxes approximately)
78% of players declare bankruptcy within two years of retirement