You Can Now Get All of Your Sex Stats!

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Do you even “thrust,” bro?

A new high-tech condom accessory is promising men with a competitive streak the chance to count every thrust, every second and every calorie burned during sexual activity – and to compete against others for the highest score.

Touted as the “worlds smartest condom,” the i.Con condom ring can be used to collect a wide range of sexual performance data, which is automatically and anonymously uploaded to an online server via Bluetooth connection. Users can review their stats and even choose to share them with friends or the public on worldwide leaderboards, if they’re feeling particularly proud.

The device will sell for 59.99 British pounds, or approximately $98.50 in Canadian dollars, when it goes on sale later this year according to designers at British Condoms.

The i.Con can be worn at the base of any condom, and has a battery life that should outlast even the most robust user, at 6-8 hours. The device itself takes 1 hour to charge via micro USB port, and is described as “extremely comfortable, water resistant and lightweight,” according to its designers.

“You won’t even know it’s there,” British Condoms says.

The device may sound familiar to health nuts, because it works like a fitness tracker to monitor a wide range of stats, including:
• Calories burned
• Speed of thrusts
• Total number of thrusts per session
• Average velocity of thrusts
• Frequency of sessions (per day, per week and per year)
• Average skin temperature
• Girth measurement

The device-makers do not indicate whether users can selectively share their data.

The i.Con is slated for release sometime this year, but no hard release date has been set and pre-orders are not being accepted yet. British Condoms is offering an early bird registration for the device, so potential customers can stay abreast of new developments.

Some aspects of the device are still in the beta testing phase. For instance, British Condoms says it’s working on a way to measure when users change positions during sexual activity.

And for now, at least, the device does not appear to have any way to verify another party is present, in case users attempt to artificially jack up their high score.

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