8 Funny Business Names you won’t believe that exists

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Ever imagined one of your favorite Brand or a movie could be taken as an inspiration for naming a business? And ever wondered how funny they would appear?

Take a look over 8 of such businesses got inspired by movies such that they could not resist modifying and naming them after their business.

  1. Jurassic Pork

Not a dinosaur, but pork! Yes Jurassic Pork is just another Food truck that offers Pork cuisines. Isn’t it funny? But they got amazing publicity, so it’s clever too.


  1. SureLock Homes

Are you a fan of Sherlock Holmes? Well, SureLock Homes has various door locks to offer you. So, they got a Sher-‘lock’ advantage for promotion. Didn’t they?

SureLock Homes

  1. Pita Pan

Sound similar to something you’ve heard of before? Not a Peter Pan movie, Pita Pan is a food plaza that takes you to a delightful food adventure.

Pita Pan

  1. Florist Gump

Remember what Forrest said in Forrest Gump? “Life is a box of Chocolates…” Florist Gump is shop that has beautiful boxes of flowers, cakes, balloons and other gifts to offer us. “You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Florist Gump

5. Planet of the Grapes

So, this is the Rise of Planet of the Grapes, too familiar name to the epic movies “Planet of the Apes”. But don’t expect that this Wines and Spirit shop has something to offer you from the period of Apes.

Planet of the Grapes

  1. Deja Brew

When you hear this name, you just felt like Deja-Vu? It’s a bar shop and there are many other coffee stores with their names Deja Brew giving us a Déjà-vu feel, someone said this correctly, Deja brew is a feeling that you’ve had this coffee before.

Deja Brew

  1. YahPoo Plumbing

Oh wait! Don’t confuse yourself. This is one of the Australian Plumbing firms which named themselves, YahPoo Plumbing!

So, do you Yah-poo? Let’s Yah-Poo!

YahPoo Plumbing

Indiana Bones- Temple of Groom

Now that’s the height of creativity. Indiana Jones fan would find a way to die after reading this Doggy Day Care Boutique store name.

8. Ind Bones- Temple of Groom





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