Top 7 things one must not post on Facebook

Things You Must Not Do on Facebook
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It is hard to find a person without his/her Facebook account. We all tend to share all our details of our day-day life. But we need to be careful what we upload and we do not because of the increasing cyber crimes.
To stay away from the problems that can be created later, we need to careful. Even you are sure that you have your privacy setting set for your account still you never know who can misuse your photographs and status uploads.
Below are top 7 things that one should refrain from posting on Facebook to stay from the trouble.

  1. You hate your job

Complaining about your job on social media is highly unprofessional and disloyal. One should avoid doing it and you never know who shows it your boss and land you in trouble.

You hate your job

  1. Sharing pictures of your friends without their consent

One should never share anybody’s pictures without his/ her consent. If you are a true friend, share the pictures privately.

  1. Your birth year

You must never share your birth year, telephone number or home address or anything that can put your financial or personal security at some risk. Other than your name and birth date nothing must be posted on social media channels.

Your birth year

  1. Religious opinions and strong political choices

One must always refrain from stating your strong religious opinions which can be misinterpreted. You must also not reply to anybody’s politically charged comments. One must not indulge in discussions that may result in some kind of confusion or bad taste.

Religious opinions and strong political choices

  1. Vacation details

You must never explicitly announce the details of your vacation especially during the days you are out on a vacation. Burgles can take full advantage of these facts and plan a huge conspiracy against you. Thus, even if you wish the world to know about your vacation, then you should wait for it to get over.

  1. Drinking photographs

Irrespective of you being single or married you must never post pictures of you drinking with your friends. This might give a wrong impression about you. Do not forget that even your mom and dad are on Facebook these days.

  1. Too much of information

Some people have habit of writing everything that in their mind on Facebook. There are something’s the whole world doesn’t want to you. If you have gone for a regular dental check-up, nobody is actually interested in all these things. So, one must only share what is relevant


Thus, these top 7 things one must avoid sharing on Facebook!





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