5 Best Mobile Apps that make sure you aren’t thirsty any moment!

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In Today’s busy schedule of life, no one has the time even to regualary check their emails on laptop. So how can you imagine that to have a track the amount of water we drink in a day. But yes, now it’s possible with the help of a Smart phone. In this generation, smart phone has become a part of our life , and it manages mostly half of the important part of the work , so why not record of water intake as well. Listed below are some helpful mobilenapps that will help!

  1. Water logged- i phone (Free basic version) –

This app keeps an eye on the water intake that a person should have daily. The default setting for water is around 64 Oz , but it can be easily changed according to your wish. Just apply the amount of water you drunk at the time when you are drinking. This app has two default serving size, i.e. 66.9 Oz and 8 Oz and as for regular glass. Another benefit of this app is that you can add the size of your own water bottle. Isn’t it great! The App also has measure for partial servings , that when a portion of water is drunk , add it and it will calculate it for you.

Water logged- i phone

  1. Tap it water – i phone (free) –

An app which follows a network of places where you can get down on your way and can refill your bottles without paying any charge. Need just to on the GPS locator to find the locations near where you can refill the water bottles. For more instances, check the websites of Tap it water for cities who has a strong network of its presence.

Tap it water


  1. Oasis places – i phone (free) –

This is a kind of app in which users can find the location of fountains of free drinking water. What we need to do is just upload a picture of that particular fountain and app will notify the rating of that fountain . Even if there is no oasis place near your way, not to worry, just add the picture of the fountains in your database, that’s it. Use of app by more people will make it more effective. So why pay money if the fountain is on your way.

Oasis places

  1. We tap – Android OS (free) –

It is quite similar to oasis places, but it is meant only for Android OS. It is designed by Pacific Institute that brings free drinking water with public water fountains. It not only finds the water fountain, but helps to inform about the broken fountains so that they can be maintained. Can’t believe it all comes under only in one smart phone. Wow!

we tap


5. Carbodroid – Android (free) –

It’s kind of funny app for Android users that keep the record of your daily water intake and celebrates when you achieve your goal of a day. In this, through animation, it keeps user motivated and after praise your success. The Option is there in which amount of water you want to take has to be set and an app will remind you about your timely intake of water. Can’t believe it!


Hope that the information on these water apps is helpful in making life easier in meeting your daily goals. So download it now and enjoy using it.





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