10 Weird Facts About Sleeping

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It is our basic requirement to sleep. If we do not get to sleep, we all will die! The number of hours we all sleep depends on individual choices but the people who put in less number of hours are truly miserable.

While we sleep, there are many things that we all go through. You don’t believe me? Read on..

  1. On an average, humans spend 25 years of their time in sleeping in a lifetime. Were you aware of this?
  2. In the first 2 years of the new born baby, parents miss out their 6 months of sleep on an average. Imagine! But largely the sacrifice of the sleep is done by the mothers.
  3. There has been a record set for the longest period without sleeping. The time period for this is 11 days. Can anyone think of challenging this?
  4. Life expectancy is reduced, if you sleep less than 7 hours in a day. So “early to bed and early to rise”. Follow this throughout.
  5. In the sleep, some of the deaf people sign.
  6. Around 2 pounds in 7 days can be gained due to improper sleeping pattern. This is one of the hidden reasons why people put on weight.
  7. Nobody can sneeze in their sleep. This got you thinking, right?
  8. In Japan. The working hours are so obnoxious that is a very common site to spot people sleeping on their job.
  9. Dysania is a kind of disorder in which people are not able to get out of the bed in the morning easily. And I suffer from this, especially in winter.
  10. Moon phases affect our sleep patterns incredibly. During the full moon, one is not comfortable sleeping and on the contrary, during the new moon, one is at most ease to sleep.

These were fun yet informative facts on sleep that is the most basic requirement of every human.