Ten most beautiful lilies in the world you must see in this life!

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Lilies are perhaps the most elegant and beautiful flowers. With hundreds of species found in different parts of the world, each lily is beautiful and unique in its own way. But here are ten lilies that are acclaimed to be most beautiful in the world. Have a look and pick you fav.

  1. Forever Susan Asiatic Lily

This lily has orange and burgundy hues. They are one of the earliest blooming Lille.

2. Turk’s Cap Lily

This European native blooms in early summer. These lilies are loved by gardens.

3. Magic Star Double Oriental Lily

Double Oriental lilies are among the most beautiful lilies with layers upon layers of ruffled petals in a range of colors. The enormous flowers of Magic Star are particularly dazzling with pink petals striped in red, edged in white and dotted with crimson freckles.

4. Regale Trumpet Lily

Regale is a mid- to late-summer beauty with massive, deeply perfumed flowers. Feed them annually with compost, and water in dry spells for the best growth.

5. Tom Pouce Oriental Lily

Tom Pouce lily has candy pink petal brushed with a stripe of bright gold. The blossoms are very robust and make long-lasting and exceptionally fragrant cut flowers.

6. Stargazer Oriental Lily

Stargazer, founded 40 years ago and still famous, has the breathtaking blend of crimson, pink and white, with dozens of bright red freckles spilling across the petals. They’re extremely fragrant and borne on sturdy plants.

7. Lilium Yelloween

This lily was developed in the Netherlands to be a superb cut flower, even in cooler temperatures. It definitely accomplishes this task. This plant can reach heights of 8 feet, and you could easily get around 10 to 15 blooms per stem.

8. Silk Road Orienpet Lily

Orienpet lilies are a cross between oriental and trumpet types. They bear very large, heavily scented flowers, are long-blooming and form hardy, vigorous plants.

9. Lollypop Asiatic Lily

The white and cherry-pink blooms of Lollipop are as sweet as candy. Tuck them among sun-loving perennials or grow them in large tubs on a sunny deck or patio.

10. Casablanca Oriental Lily

Casablanca is an Oriental lily that grows up to 4 feet and bears massive white, star-shaped flowers. It grows well in most garden soils, but requires full sun in order to produce its heavenly scented flowers.